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Writing Tips: Absolute Best One Ever

I’m not exaggerating, this is one of the most valuable tips I can give you.  I’ve rediscovered it accidentally the last week or so, as I work on rewriting my novel. 

I wrote about it in the early days of this blog, in a post called Writing While You Sleep.  (a wee bonus for those of you who go check out the post is a photo of my pug, Igor.)

But here’s the gist of it:

Our minds work in mysterious ways (news flash, I know) and they actually do quite a bit of that mysterious work while we sleep.  So last thing before you go to bed, read over a few pages of whatever project is uppermost in your mind.

Odds are good you’ll be rushing to your computer, ideas firing, first thing in the morning.  Be a good writer, be kind to your subconscious and go right to the computer.  This encourages your mind to keep producing ideas.

I’ve been practicing this with stellar results.  I wake up in the morning and rush to my office to write down all the ideas that come to me.  And all from re-reading my most recent pages the night before.

Its a pretty simple way to keep the writing flow going.

0 thoughts on “Writing Tips: Absolute Best One Ever

  1. Don Williams

    Absolutely true! I noticed that before. I would have a little lunch and take a little nap and presto…. the things that would pop into my ‘pee-brain’ was absolutely amazing.

    It doesn’t have to be before you go to bed, just take a nap at any old time, and two: have a little bite to eat before dozing off! Somehow that helps me for what ever reason, but only God Himself knows why?

    Thanks for reminding of that. I forgot all about it. Now, to go to the refrigerator and….

  2. Square1

    This works for me as well. I find that my best dreams and by proxy my best writing a lot of times comes from having my ideas in my head before I go to sleep. Sometimes the next morning I can not for purposes of practicality go straight to my computer, but as one of my writing teacher’s once taught me… an idea is not a demanding thing… it can fit upon a note card, but if it’s demand is not met it will be lost or go to someone else. So a quick jot down can serve as a great prompt for when I do get to the word processor.

  3. Zhu

    That’s very true ! Come to think of it, I often get good posts ideas before I sleep… or maybe it’s my wild imagination taking over ?

    Glad I found your blog, I wrote a book when I was in France and now try to switch to – and to get used to – write in English. It’s challenging but I like it. So I’ll be back for tips !

  4. Andrew

    I’d never thought of such a thing…I’m game to give it a try, though!

    Thanks for the tip!

  5. Charlotte

    Well, and the great thing is that it gives all of us hard-working writers a nice excuse to take a little nap. I love leaning my head back in my chair and dozing for a few minutes during the day–very refreshing!

    Zhu, you have my admiration, writing in French and English!

  6. Mark Dykeman

    Charlotte, do you ever find that it’s a good idea to just walk away for awhile and think about something else? I find this is another good way to engage the subconscious mind.

  7. Charlotte

    Oh, that is such a good point, Mark. Sometimes all it takes is getting up from the desk and moving to a new situation. (I spend so much time at my desk that I’m constantly reminding myself, “Step away from the computer.”) Also, any repetitive motion activity like knitting, sewing, lawn mowing, weeding, etc., really loosens the flow. Thanks for the great reminder!

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