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Oops…November is Over and so is Nanowrimo

Um…it appears that somewhere in a flurry of writing, November passed me by and it is now December.  Are you guys aware of this? 

And so now that it is December, that means that Nanowrimo is officially over.

I think it must have been around Thanksgiving that I abandoned the pretense that I was actually participating in Nanowrimo.  Too many other assignments conspired to do me in.   I think it was around then, too, that I quit visiting the group I formed which was devoted to Nanowrimo over at Blogcatalog.  Sorry, guys.  I know that those of you who were actually participating got a pretty good discussion going there. 

At any rate, I did get started on a new novel, and I wrote probably 5,000 words.  Yes, I know, a pathetic showing to those of you who managed to crank out the full 50,000 it takes to "win" Nanowrimo, but it is a start and I am grateful to it.

And huge congratulations to all of you who actually completed it. 

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  1. Zhu

    I’m slow to write this month… I blame it on the snow…

    Good luck to you!

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