Excellence Award

The wonderful Jen at Semi-charmed wife passed on the Excellence Award to me.  Thanks, Jen!  Now I get to pass it on to others.  I’d choose Jen because she has a great blog but I can’t because she’s already gotten in.  So here are my choices (and let me just say these are a combination of old favorites and newly discovered friends):

1.  Suzanne at Thetahealingblog.

2.  Derek at Pieces of Zen.

3.  Horatiosalt at Wundurful Wurld

4.  David at Virginia Breeze.

5.  Don at My 2 cents 4 the day.

I know there are more that I’m going to kick myself for not including and since I can do up to ten, I reserve the right to award more as the spirit moves me!

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