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Earth Day

It’s Earth Day and I’m in an airplane winging my way across the country, wasting resources, specifically, very expensive jet fuel.  Guess they haven’t yet figured out how to make airplanes run on bio-diesel.  I’d buy carbon offsets but I just read that they are pretty much b.s.

Anyway, having written a long ebook on Global Warming last year about
this time, I take environmental issues very seriously.  Besides I live
in Portland, the greenest city in the country, where it is a law that
every citizen take environmental issues very seriously.

Not really, but we all do recycle.  You do too, don’t you?

Actually, I made myself feel so guilty I just went and signed up for a monthly carbon offset of 5 tons at  I don’t care if its b.s., at least it made me feel better.  (Now if I could just solve all those problems in Africa.….)

To make up for the fact I’m burning jet fuel above your very heads as you read this, I leave you with this cool link:  Connecting A Million Hearts.  (Update: this link appears to be dead, so I’ve unlinked it.  Sorry.)

Happy Earth Day, y’all!  (I’m on my way to Nashville, in case you hadn’t guessed.  It always brings out the y’alls in me.)

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