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Charlotte Rains Dixon  

Loft-y Tennessee

I am in beautiful Springfield, Tennessee, where there are rolling green fields and the air feels totally different than it does in beautiful Portland, Oregon–mostly because it is warm.  I’m staying at the home of Terry Price, and we are theoretically working on the Loft.

No, we are really working on it–we have been chatting all morning about it and millions of other things, while also eating Monkey Bread, monitoring the process of the log cabin which is being built in the backyard, and listening to Van Morrison.

I’m here for the opening semester of the Loft, at least the opening semester with Terry and me at the helm.  This is only the beginning, folks, and we are very excited about our five hardy students.  The program has actually been up and running for five years but it had fallen on hard times before Terry and I, who have both been with the program since the beginning, decided to petition to take it over.   

Next fall we’ll have an official orientation weekend, complete with opening reception and other exciting events, so stay tuned.  And though the Loft is centered around Nashville, TN, please keep in mind that we are also working on plans for true distance learning. 

Go the Loft page at MTSU here, or read about it on the page I wrote.

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