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Survey Results and Winner Announcement

This is going to be a bit of an American Idol-ish post, as in, I’m going to imitate the annoying Ryan Seacrest and keep you guessing until the very end who won.

As a brief aside, writing that line reminded me of something.  I just heard one of the all-time best Crosby, Stills & Nash songs, Wooden Ships, and it has that line in it:  "Can you tell me, please, who won?"  I think half the cadences in my writing come from all the songs that play in my head.

Anyway, I’ve been going through the results of my survey, and I want to thank Jen, Jenny, BellaVida, Denise, and Lin for all participating in it.

What I’ve gotten from going through your comments is that you are confused.  (Me, too.)  You want specifics about writing, such as how to structure a novel, how to know when a story is done, and by the way, what is a story, anyway?  Also ideas on creating story arcs and building momentum.

Momentum is an issue when it comes to creativity as well, with overcoming resistance, finding time to write, and keeping going the number one issues. 

I also asked what potential ebooks people would be most interested in and I’m pleased to report that Set the Words Free, a book about how to get writing and stay writing, came in first.  I’m pleased because it is the book I really want to write!

Second was The Three-Fold Writer’s Path, which was, you guessed it, the book I second most wanted to write. 

Elements of Fiction
came in third, and, thank you God, Make Money Writing Online came in last.   Other people have written excellent books on the subject, and if my once-in-awhile boss Clark ever gets his butt in gear, I’ll be offering his book for sale on this site.

My path is clear:  I’m going to start writing Set the Words Free right away.  I’m also thinking it might be cool to write some shorter mini-ebooks on elements of fictions such as structuring the novel and what constitutes a short story.  But, one thing at a time.

It is very gratifying to read these comments and learn that my readers are so on the same page as I am.  I guess you wouldn’t be here if you weren’t, but you know what I mean.  So thank you all for being my wonderful readers!

And was there something else I was supposed to do?  Contest?  We’re having a contest?  Oh right….I guess I’m not very good at being Ryan Seacrest, am I?  Maybe that’s a good thing.  Okay, no more stalling, the winner of a free coaching session is…..

BellaVida, who writes the wonderful blog, For the Love of House Music. 

I am excited about this, because maybe I’ll learn something about house music. 

I’m so happy that all of you contributed and I thank you.  Lin–take care of yourself and get well soon.  I’m sending you good thoughts and prayers (and everyone else reading this, should, too).

0 thoughts on “Survey Results and Winner Announcement

  1. BellaVida

    Hi Charlotte, thanks so much. I’m looking forward to it.


  2. Charlotte

    You’re welcome–I’m looking forward to it!

  3. Lin


    Thanks so much for the good thoughts and prayers- they helped! I am out of the hospital! Yippee! Glad you can start working on the book you really wanted to write anyway- waiting with that proverbial bated breath…


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