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It’s Off to Home I Go….

I’m heading back to Portland this afternoon, and I am, as always, sorry to leave Nashville.   I am not, however, sorry to leave the weather behind.  Yesterday there were tornado warnings which were relayed to me through a sort of old-fashioned round robin system.  Friends of Sue and Walt’s who live up the street called Sue to tell her there were tornado warnings and Sue called me to tell me.  You see, there is no TV here.  Not that I miss it–except in times of weather emergencies.

But the tornadoes landed somewhere else and we were able to muster 14, count ’em, 14 people at the Loft alumni and mentors dinner last night.  The Sunset Grill offered half-price on any full bottles of wine purchases PLUS a lottery ticket and so Terry now has four lottery tickets to check when the winners are announced tonight.  Its all for one and one for all–we’re going to split the winnings between the 14 of us. 

Last night there were no tornadoes that I know of, but Lord almighty there were raging thunderstorms all night long.  I mean, all night long.  In Portland, if we get a thunderstorm, which is rare, it might last half an hour and then its gone.  Not here, where they come in one after another.  I’ve learned that you can see lightning even with your eyes closed and that after a couple hours of thunder, you can actually get so used to it that you’ll sleep through it. 

Before I leave I wanted to direct you to this cool post that my Welsh Zen buddy Derek wrote about me.  He and I have been corresponding on for a few months now, on all kinds of topics, but especially Zen, and writing, and our internet interests.  I’ve mentioned his Zen site before, but here’s his writing site, and the post he wrote about me.

Thanks, Derek!

And now I’ve got to vacuum and shower and say goodbye to Juni before the taxi gets here.  By the way–dogs seem to have no problem sleeping through thunder.  Juni snored through the whole storm.

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