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Pithy Thoughts, or Lack Therof

I have, as always, a multitude of pithy thoughts on the subject of writing to share with you, but all I lack is the time to sit down and write them out.  (I'm telling you, I need an Iphone, then I could share a post from where-ever I happened to find myself.)

I've been out and about in the world, collecting ideas and experiences in order to have something to write about.  And working on student packets.  And finishing up the final edits on the ghostwriting projects.  And attending graduations from here to eternity.  And gardening and yanking weeds and cutting back overgrown, woody stalks of rosemary. 

I've been ignoring all my Blog Catalog friends and haven't posted a tweet or whatever they are called on Twitter in forever. 

But there are posts to come this week.  I shall have thoughts on the occasion of the University of Oregon commencement, and more thoughts on creating characters.  Also on the vast amounts of time that planning a novel takes and how there's not a damn thing you can do except take the time for it.

I'm also going to LA on Friday and for some reason I always seem to post a log when I'm in LA.  So stay tuned.

0 thoughts on “Pithy Thoughts, or Lack Therof

  1. Christine Duncan

    The thing about writing is that there is nothing pithy about it–it all takes time–planning a project, editing it, selling it(that takes f-o-r-ever) and then promotion. And when it’s done–you’ve got maybe .01 per word. Only those of us who really love it can be bothered

  2. Charlotte

    So very, very true. I told myself that very thing this morning as I was struggling to write–that it is supposed to be fun. Why else would I be up at 6, in front of my computer? That actually helped.

  3. Mo

    How true! Makes me think that I’m not the only one out there who struggles. Thanks

  4. Charlotte

    The main thing to remember is that the struggle is SO worth it….

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