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How Can I Resist A Ghostwriting Scandal?

Well, maybe its not much of a scandal.  But recently Madonna’s brother, Christopher Ciccone, came out with a new book about his sister.  It was supposedly a scandalous tell-all, but apparently it was fairly easy on ole Madge.

Now comes “news” of the true reason for this–Madonna herself ghostwrote the book.  The story is that she wanted the scandalous book out in order to promote her new tour and whatever else it is she has going on.

I don’t know, I try mostly to ignore the woman.  Not a big fan.  But I’m always interested in anything to do with ghostwriting.  So many books that people assume are written by famous stars are ghostwritten.  How Madonna would have time to write the book is beyond me, but the New York Post says it is so. 

And we all know how reliable they are.  Here’s the link:  Madge “Ghosted” Bro’s Tell All.

0 thoughts on “How Can I Resist A Ghostwriting Scandal?

  1. Chellaluna

    EEK! No she did not! That woman has no shame…but she is brilliantly machiavellan, yes?

  2. Charlotte

    I know, I love it. You gotta admire her even if you don’t much like her.

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