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No, It’s Not Your Imagination

Things are a bit wonky around the old Wordstrumpet homestead.

A couple months ago, the wonderful Jen at Typepad contacted me and asked if I would like a report on how I might update and enhance my blog.  I ignored her at first, because I thought that this would cost me money.  When she explained that it was free, I signed on immediately.

Then I got this lovely pdf with all kinds of recommendations as to how to improve my blog and sat on it for a few weeks, thinking that while all the advice sounded great, it would take forever to implement it.  The ever-patient Jen finally contacted me and informed me that she would do all the upgrades for free.

I’m not quite sure why I’m being blessed by Typepad like this, but I’m happy about it.  You may have noticed a few weeks ago that this site got spiffed up, with the side columns (we call them Typelists in Typepad land) rearranged in a far more logical order and the top banner looking a bit better.

Then, this morning (or maybe yesterday) it reverted to its former scraggly self.  That was due to a minor glitch having to do with domain mapping and being a beta tester and all kinds of other things that I do not understand and never will.

But here’s the really cool part–in between the time I started this post and came back to finish it, Jen emailed me to say that everything was back to normal–the new spiffed-up normal.  So let me just say that I have loved Typepad since the minute I signed up with them and Jen and the other customer service folks have made me love them even more.

If you’re signing up for a blog, you should consider them, because of several benefits:

  • You own your own work (unlike some free blog hosts)
  • It’s incredibly flexible–you can use the software to create a website with ease
  • They are constantly updating the service
  • It makes you feel really cool and tech-savvy, even if you aren’t

Click on the banner on the right column for more info, and maybe with luck you’ll get Jen to help you, too.

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