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You may have noticed the appearance of the above button on my sidebar. 
In case you are wondering what it is, I will tell you.  A beautiful young woman and her husband were in a terrible plane crash earlier this month.  The crash left a third passenger on the plane dead, and Stephanie Nielson and her husband Christian in critical condition.  Stephanie, or Nie, has burns over 80% of her body.  Both she and her husband are in chemically induced comas while doctors treat their burns.  The Nielsons have four children, who are being cared for by Nie's siblings.

I don't know Nie and I wasn't even familiar with her blog before I read about the crash on The Crafty Chica, but I've been fascinated by her story since.  Her blog is full of photos and entries about her beautiful kids and her love for them and for being a Mom.  She also clearly adores her husband.  The saddest post was reading about her excitement at Christian getting his pilot's license. 

Nie's blog exemplifies one of the things that blogging does best–give us a glimpse into the heart and life and very soul of another human being.  After you have donated money, you can check out blogs by Nie or related to her recovery:

Nie Recovery  (this blog seems to encompass her personal blog, The Nienie Dialogues)
CJane  Her sister's blog, with health update

Reachel Andrew Nie Recovery

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