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I was ostensibly cleaning up my office just now when I came across my word book, (pictured, left), and decided that pondering words is infinitely more important than a clean office.  After all, what is the use of a word book if one isn't constantly leafing through it to see what one has?

Apparently one has words one has totally forgotten about.

Like eudemonia.

It means the following:

1.  A state of happiness and well-being

2.  In Aristotelian philosophy, happiness in a life of activity governed by reason.

(Ah, those ancient Greeks, all about reason)

I am in a state of eudemonia this morning because I finally sent out my first newsletter last night.  If laboring for hours to learn new software is not a state of activity governed by reason, I don't know what is.

0 thoughts on “Eudemonia

  1. Kate Lord Brown

    Hi Charlotte – that’s interesting. I’d always interpreted eudaimonia as ‘happiness through doing the best with what you have available’ – ie, making the most of your potential and situation. Great word.

  2. Charlotte

    Kate, I think I like your definition better, the ancient Greeks were always a bit too logical for me.

  3. Kate Lord Brown

    Yes, me too. I just noticed you wrote a book on Wyoming! I was checking the blog stats last night and it is being read across the US – apart from Wyoming and Dakota! (Which is ironic because growing up my favourite books were the ‘Green Grass of Wyoming’ series). Wonder what the deal is with that … if you know any writers in Wyoming I’d love to hear from them!

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