Technology , Spirituality and Creativity

This is a funny confession, but technology inspires me both creatively, and spiritually. 

I used to live in a tiny bubble that was comprised of my immediate neighborhood, my city, occasional forays to other cities.  Now, thanks to technology, I’m connected to a vast web of people, through my blog, email, and social networking.  I’ve got ghostwriting clients in LA, students in Nashville, and friends all over the world.  People say technology is the death of intimacy, but I say the opposite.

There’s no escaping it–we’re all connected. Quantum physicists tell us that everything we do impacts even the tiniest atoms of matter.  Technology proves this to me, over and over again, every day.  Because I have physical evidence of our interconnections through technology, it is much, much easier for me to believe it in a spiritual manner.

As above, so below, the ancients say.  As technology, so spirituality. 

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  1. I’ve seen your blog randomly somewhere on the Internet in the past. The title is catchy and memorable, and I enjoy reading your posts; and here it was again today on my radar, again purely by randomness.

    I truly believe what you have said — we are all connected. The communications technologies we have today, and those which will continue to evolve in the future bond us in the most amazing of ways. Through technology, I found a host of good friends in Washington, DC, after moving here from Wyoming. Craigslist helped me find a place to live. I met some friends here after “knowing” them on social networking sites for many months before the move. I did research on the cost of living, etc. And I can maintain connections with all of my old Army buddies from around the globe. Technology is just a tool. It can be completely intimate or a time-waster. That is totally up to the technology user.

  2. And now, speaking of such topics as synchronicity and connection, I just noticed after posting my comment a second ago that you have a book about Wyoming in the sidebar of your blog. Are you from there?
    Ecrivaine32 at Gmail

  3. Thanks Jennifer, and I’m glad that you found your way back here. No, I’m not from Wyoming, but I have driven through the state several times and it fascinates me. You make a good point that the end result of technology depends on the user.

  4. Hello – just found you through Alltop. Love your blog title! Connectivity – synchronicity, these are subjects I’ve been thinking of a lot recently (esp with regards to blogging as analytics make you so aware of where your readers are). Fascinating topic – thank you. I’ll add you to my blog roll!

  5. Yeah, with this technology we have in our generation we can gather information easily, even in transferring from one place to another, in just a click of your mouse you can browse many services to do that for you… This is very helpful to us fast tracking everything with their good services…

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