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It has come to my attention that this blog is now available for subscription on your Kindle. (I hope that you, unlike me, are lucky enough to have one.)  Not only that, but yesterday this very blog reached best seller status, achieving a rank of #16 on the Lifestyle and Culture Kindle Blog list.  As my daughter used to say when she was a small child, exigun!  (That's "exciting" for those of you who do not speak small-childese.) It gives me the merest hint of what having a best-selling book must feel like.  Note I said merest hint.

Of course, by today Wordstrumpet was down to #30, alas.  And no, I'm not checking the stats every half hour.  Only every hour.

I have absolutely no idea how the blog got picked up by Kindle or how long its been available or what the true sales figures are (for all I know having one subscriber could make it a best-seller). At the moment I'm trying to figure out if Amazon has connected my blog with my Associates account so that I can collect royalties.

Just as with regular books on Amazon, readers can write reviews of the blog on Amazon.  Poor little ole Wordstrumpet has no reviews yet.  Nary a one.  So if any of my loyal readers want to post one, I'd be very grateful.  The link is here.

And for anyone reading this on a Kindle, give me a shout-out.  I'd love to hear how the text and images come through.  And thanks for subscribing.

Stay tuned for my end of the year wrap-up and look forward tomorrow.

PS.  Don't know what a Kindle is?  Check it out here.

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  1. donwilliams@rogers.com

    Hi Charlotte, I must say that I would love to write a review, but apparently you have to buy something from Amazon before you can write a review! I’m a little confused to what that exactly means? Do you have to buy something associated with the Kindle or what? If I ever figure it out, I will let you know and do a review, but in the meantime I’m totally confused! (as usual!)

  2. Charlotte Dixon

    Oh dear, I thought anybody could write a review! But that sounds like Amazon, doesn’t it, to require that you buy something. I appreciate the thought, Don, and Happy New Year!

  3. ravensmuse

    Hi, I actually found your blog through Kindle last week, so it’s been on there for awhile at least. I’m actually responding through a PC right now though (I’m at work!).

    When you read your blog through Kindle the only thing that you get is the text and images that you put in each seperate entry – I don’t see any of the stuff on either side of the screen, like your links. Also, I don’t see your comments link either.

    Kindles have an internet browser though, so next time I’m on it I’ll see if it’ll come up if I log on through there instead.

    Also, they’re charging .99 cents to subscribe to your blog (right now I’m on a 14 day trial though). I thought that you had signed up for Kindle readership, so I assumed that the money was going to you (that you assigned how much your blog was worth). Please let me know so that I know where my dollar a month is going to! :)

    Love your blog by the way :) I’ve been looking for more writing blogs to read to get me off of my butt and writing more :)

    Oh, and I think Bookstrumpet is on Kindle too.

  4. Derek

    Hi Charlotte,
    Congratulations! This is really great news. I too try to write a review of your blog, but being in the UK I have only ever purchased from the UK site. Strange how they won’t let me review your blog as I know it quite well…Anyway it’s great news and I wish you very best of luck… Derel

  5. Susanne in Charleston

    HAPPY NEW YEAR to you as well, Charlotte!

    Sue’s Daily Photography

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