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The Accidental Vacation

I've been on hiatus.  Unlike when the television networks do this to one of their shows, this was not actually a planned break, just one of those things that happen once in awhile in the writing life.   Last week I moderated a panel at AWP, and as is the case with most conferences, didn't have a spare moment while I was there.

Since I've been home, its been wedding central.  Since my daughter is getting married, um, tomorrow, life has been hectic, moreso because we had about three weeks notice on the nuptials.  (And no, its not for the reason you think, her fiancee is being deployed by our beloved army.)

But I've also been enjoying life away from the computer.  Shocking, I know, but true.  I've not been on Twitter for over a week and I've been ignoring all but the most vital of emails. (Let's not even talk about the work projects I've temporarily set aside.)  Amazingly enough, the world hasn't ended. 

So all of this has been causing me to think, or Think, if you prefer.  I have some ideas (or Ideas) and will be sharing them with you soon.  In the meantime, I've got a house to finish cleaning before my sister arrives to stay with us this weekend.

0 thoughts on “The Accidental Vacation

  1. RennyBA

    I can tell you are busy – don’t remember to have fun too and good luck with the wedding.

  2. Anne Wayman

    A wedding… total delightful time sinks… enjoy, enjoy and then enjoy.

    Anne Wayman, now blogging at http://www.aboutfreelancewriting.com

  3. Charlotte Dixon

    The wedding was perfect, and I’m not the sentimental type. It truly was a magical day. Thanks for everyone’s good thoughts.

  4. Lindsay Price

    Every person who thinks for a living needs a brain break. It’s healthy to step away (step away from the computer ma’am) and when the time comes you’re ready to get back at it.

  5. Charlotte Dixon

    Thanks, Lindsay. I do feel refreshed by the break, I have to admit. And that makes it way more fun to get back to my computer work.

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