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The Contest You Have Been Waiting For

Its here!

Only slightly delayed due to the death of my pug, but today I am announcing the contest I've been telling you about.

Thanks to the nice people at All Modern, you have the chance to win this cool office accessory:


It is the Fidato Memo Station with Mobile Phone and Pen Holder.  Cool, huh?  I selected just for readers of Wordstrumpet and I dearly wish that I was eligible to win one myself.  But if I can't have one, I'm pleased that one of my lucky readers will get to win one.

So what, you are no doubt asking, do you have to do to win the Memo Station?

It couldn't be simpler.  Just leave a comment on this post and the winner will be chosen by a random drawing next Friday, September 4th.  Okay?  Start commenting!

And while you are at it, here is some information about All Modern:

Part of CSN Stores, All Modern is just one of over 260 retail sites that offer a diverse array of products from office furniture by Herman Miller to wall sconces by Murray Feiss.

They really do have some great-looking stuff-go check them out!

0 thoughts on “The Contest You Have Been Waiting For

  1. wyo

    That sounds easy enough! Please sign me up. :)

  2. Anthony James Barnett

    Sounds like a dream contest to me. Count me in and beam me up.

  3. You would have to introduce me to All Modern. That site is dangerous! I recently read that people with ADHD crave office supplies. I think that applies to all writers as well.

  4. Amy Nathan

    Oh I am so sorry about your dog. I just went through this with my golden. :(

  5. Gabby

    Just found your blog and I have to say – it’s great! I’ll definitely be back for more.

  6. Désirée


  7. rebecca

    I never win anything. Good luck to all of us. Happy Friday! Charlotte, so sorry to hear about your dog passing. You’re about the 4th person this summer that I know who has had an animal pass away.

  8. […] quick note–I want to let everyone know that the All Modern contest, originally slated to end tomorrow, has been extended over the Labor Day Weekend.   My […]

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