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What Have You Done To Help Today?

I'm totally inspired by Carol Schillios.

She's a friend of a friend, who I'm hoping to get to meet later on this summer.  Carol runs Fabric for Life, a microcredit enterprise which gets young women who have been reduced to begging on the streets (or worse) and teaches them to create items such as fabric or clothing to sell.  Its an awesome, successful operation and there's a Fabric for Life store in Edmonds, Washington, where you can go buy some of these incredible products.

Ever a woman of action, Carol has embarked upon an audacious new project.  She's gone up on the roof of her retail store to live for 30 days or until 1 million people donate one dollar each to her foundation. She's also asking people to tell what they have done or are going to do to help others when they donate. This woman is incredible!  She's actually living on the roof for a month in order to raise money.  Can I just mention that the northwest has been hit with an unprecedented heat wave over the last couple of weeks?

Let's support this great woman and show her that writers have heart and enthusiasm just like she does.  To see the video about this project, visit the Up On the Roof with Carol website.   Oh, and for the record, what I'm doing to help others is start a non-profit honoring my mother.  My sisters and I are going to sell the bracelets Mom loved and use the money to fund programs for the elderly.  Having recently navigated the labyrinth of limited programs and resources for our senior citizens, I can tell you that our lack of regard and concern for them is shocking.

If any media folk are interested in interviewing or writing about Carol, just let me know and I'll get you in touch.

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