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On Sloth and Laziness

Feet-lasvegas-poolside-385439-lThis could be me today, minus the sunshine and the hairy legs. 

Because I am a lazin' fool.  It is two days after Christmas and I am lazing about.  Or you could call it lolling if you prefer.

My two new kitties don't care what you, or I, call it.  They have raised the art of lazing to an art form, and especially like to practice it in front of the fire.

I have new books to read, including Under the Dome by Stephen King, which is, oh, almost 1,000 pages long and thus should assure me lots of lazin' time.  For Christmas, I also got art supplies and crafting books, which should assure me time away from the computer, which I sorely need.

I resist both time away from the computer and lazin' time and I suspect I just figured out the reason why.  It is because I enjoy it so much I'm afraid I'll never stop.  I'll just sit here next to the fire, reading away, for all of eternity.  And never write another word.  Never earn another penny.  Never do another useful thing, ever. 

That is how my brain starts running when I relax.  So you can see why I generally chain myself to my computer.  Because otherwise, life as I know it will end.  There will be this glorious blaze of sloth and laziness and that will be it.

It is for this reason, also, that I rarely watch TV.  Because I am afraid I will enjoy it too much and I will become one with the chair and never, ever get up again.  I'll be able to recite details of every single episode of Law and Order and I will be one of the few people who understands anything about Lost.  So thus it is better simply not to turn the TV on in the first place, because if I did, I'd have to write a blog about TV instead of writing one about writing.

But for some reason, after Christmas, I allow myself to be slothful and lazy.  Maybe it is because the run-up to the big day is always such a last-minute rush for me (again, because I've generally chained myself to the computer) and the Christmas itself is a mad dash of cooking breakfast, opening presents, cleaning up, and then cooking dinner.  And after all of that, I actually have to admit I am tired instead of pretending that I'm not.

Or perhaps it is because Christmas gives me the bounty of choice–all those wonderful presents to peruse and play with!  Shiny new books and toys!  I'd be doing the givers a disservice if I didn't take a couple days to enjoy my presents, right?

Then, too, it could be because it is cold and wintry out (though no snow yet, boo) and we are still experiencing the shortest days of the year, even though they are already getting longer.  It is winter, the days are dark and cold, the blood runs slower and it is time to relax.

And so I'm doing my best to be lazy and slothful for as long as I possibly can.  I plan to return to my writing in a couple days, refreshed and renewed and full of new enthusiasm for things to write in the new year.  Because even the most prolific of writers needs a fallow time in which to rejuvenate and regenerate.  It is an integral part of the creative cycle, and by not allowing ourselves time to laze about, we do our muses a disservice.

So join me in being slothful and lazy this week.  You'll be glad you did.  And if you should feel energetic enough to write something, what is your favorite way to be slothful?

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0 thoughts on “On Sloth and Laziness

  1. Derek

    Well… I find it hard work to keep being slothful! I guess the nearest thing I get to it is watching some (good) fantasy movie to feed my over-active ego-mind. This Xmas I have tried to completely relax and be lazy but it seems to have worn me out and I will be pleased to get back to working on something..

  2. Charlotte Dixon

    I think your difficulties with relaxing are familiar to many of us, Derek. I guess for some people it is more stressful to try to relax than not. So I hope you are enjoying being back to work.

  3. judy

    Oh, reading is my favorite slothful activity, for sure. I think when I’m old and can’t move around, I’ll be fine as long as I have books. And I’m with you. I don’t disdain television as much as respect it’s power over me! Great post!

  4. Charlotte Dixon

    Judy, I think I actually look forward to being old and not being able to do much except read. I don’t get nearly enough reading time in as I would like! It is a shame that in this fast-paced world we think of it as slothful.

  5. Melissa Donovan

    I always spend a couple of days after Christmas resting. After weeks of the holiday frenzy, it’s refreshing to relax and enjoy a good book!

  6. Charlotte Dixon

    Melissa, that’s a good policy, I think I’ll adopt it for my own.

  7. Dani H

    Please do watch the upcoming final season of Lost so that you can explain it all to the rest of us. I promise we’ll pull you away from the television after the final episode airs. I know someone who lives in Nashville and I’m sure she’d help. Love this post. I’ll have to thank Judy at Zebra Sounds for guiding me to your site. And Happy {almost} New Year!

  8. Charlotte Dixon

    I wish I understood Lost! If you get it, please explain it to me. I thank Judy from Zebra Sounds for guiding you to me also!

  9. Anen Wayman

    Hey, as a writer I don’t consider reading slothful… or at least that’s what I tell myself when curled up with yet another mystery.

    As far as relaxation goes, I do try to practice what my tabby cat teaches ;)

  10. Charlotte Dixon

    I am relearning the importance of the lessons a tabby cat have to teach us about relaxation. Lying in front of the fire and basking in its warmth on a cold day is Lesson #1. I, as a human, would add a good book to that equation!

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