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Writing Accomplishments for 2009

It is the second to last day of the year, and a fitting time to mull your accomplishments in writing over the past year.  So have at it, what were they?  I want to hear the big, the small, the in-between, all of 'em.  Fork them over, lay them down, share them for all to hear!

I have one big achievement that stands out for me:

I finished my flippin' novel!

And by finished I mean eight drafts, and it is as done as I can make it for now.  I'm satisfied with it and proud of it, actually.  I think it has an excellent chance of getting published. 

So now tell me your proudest writing accomplishments.  Hell, list a gazillion of them if you want to.  Let's beat our chests and celebrate and then let that momentum carry us into a successful new year

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  1. janet

    i have 5 chapters of my chapter book. i started a writing group. i attended two writing retreats, one with YOU! i started a social media, marketing and brand strategy blog. i have a long way to go, but i’m on the good foot, as they say.

  2. Charlotte Dixon

    I’d say most people would be delighted with those accomplishments, Janet–awesome. And I consider meeting YOU and learning so much about social media one of the best things that happened to me this year!

  3. Jessica

    Fantastic to hear about your novel! 🙂

    I finished a first draft in a month and a half, the first time I’ve actually got all the way through a full length novel first draft. (If I can shave half a month off my time I’ll be ready for NaNoWriMo next year.) I also started a blog based on my novel idea.

    To add to my list, I wrote a ‘teaser’ for another novel I’m working on, which was some of the best writing I’ve ever done.

    And I bit the proverbial bullet a couple of weeks ago, sending some pieces in for mentor review (with surprisingly good results).

    Best of all, at the end of 2009, I actually feel like a career writer!

  4. Derek

    I simply kept writing last year. Nothing major like finishing a novel – congratulations by the way! I have learned a lot about creating key-word rich content and in the last couple of months have started writing product reviews. Now to me, that is an accomplishment because it is me doing something that I don’t particularly enjoy doing!

    I am currently in mind of a saying that used to be uttered by a Mrs. Edwards, our English teacher in school… “The moving finger writes, and having written, writes on” I wonder if she was into Zen! Happy New Year!

  5. Charlotte Dixon

    Derek, simply writing all year is what it is all about, so good for you! And yes, it is very Zen. Also, learning SEO is a real feat, I could stand to do some work on that.

    Jessica, congratulations to you on finishing a full length draft. That is huge! Now the real fun begins…revising it. I mean that, I love rewriting, it is when the true meat of the story comes out. And how great that you are going into 2010 feeling like a career writer.

    Thanks to both of you for the congratulations to me.

  6. Christi

    This year was huge for me!

    I finished my novel, got an agent, started my blog/website, and joined a really great critique group!

    Thanks again,

  7. Charlotte Dixon

    Christi, You did have a huge year, congratulations! I hope to join you in the getting an agent part. I hope 2010 is even better for you!

  8. Charlotte, it’s so great that you finished your book, especially during such a traumatic year! I expect you to announce a pub date soon.

    I did more with non-fiction than I did with fiction. I wrote lots of articles, sold some of them. I kept writing on the blog and growing my list. I contributed to a collection of experts project that was just published.

    Let’s all make this next year GREAT!!!

  9. Charlotte Dixon

    Lynn, I know you dealt with a lot of stuff this year, too. And even if you hadn’t, your list would be impressive. I agree, let’s work together to support each other however we can to make this a truly wonderful year.

  10. rebecca

    Biggest accomplishment of the year was that I attended my first semester at the local university and took 3 classes and received high grades in all of them. Working my way to a degree in English Literature. Charlotte, in a way it’s thanks to you. It’s something you said, the fact that you have an MFA and a writing business. All things I’m looking to do. Hope all your goals are successful. Keep up the great posts.

  11. Charlotte Dixon

    Oh, Rebecca, thank you, you just made my day, actually, my whole week! What a great way to start out the new year, with the thought that maybe in some petite way I was an inspiration to you. I’m so pleased. And congratulations on starting your degree and doing so well in your classes. With that kind of start, I know that you will attain all your goals.

  12. Beth Ziesenis

    Oh, forget about what my writing accomplishments have been… I want to celebrate yours!

    From Sunny San Diego, I send you the biggest, loudest, most overly dramatic standing ovation I can project into cyberspace.

    YEA YOU!

  13. Charlotte Dixon

    Thank you so much, Beth! I’m basking in your kudos. I’m quite sure you have some great writing accomplishments, also, so I send cheers right back to you!

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