Friday Follies
Charlotte Rains Dixon  

Follies: Festive Fridays

It's Friday!  And you know what that means, time for some folly.  In this case, festive folly.Clown_clowns_robinson_261035_l

This week we are beginning a crazy dance party.  What's a crazy dance party?  I will tell you.  Years ago, there used to be a kid's show on PBS and every so often one of the characters would yell, "Crazy dance party!" and everyone would stop what they were doing and start dancing.  So now every once in a while I like to yell "Crazy dance party!" and start dancing.  Most of the time, especially at social gatherings, people look at me like I'm crazy.  Except my family, who are used to me.

Anyway, I think every party should have someone who yells "Crazy dance party!" at dull moments don't you?  And so let's design our very own party.  (Remember, you can do this to explore your own life or that of your characters.) Here goes:

Who will you invite?

Who do you wish you could invite but you can't?  Why can't you?  And what does this say about you or your current life situation?

Who do you want to come?

Who do you have to invite but you hope won't come?

Which guests do you have to keep far away from each other?  Why?

Which guests might go home with each other? (Ooh-la-la.)

Which guests are most apt to get into a fight?  Why?

Who is most likely to get drunk?  Eat too much?  Get overly dramatic and emotional?

In future weeks, we'll delve further into our crazy dance party, pondering what the guests will wear, what they will eat and drink, talk about, and what kind of entertainment will be featured.

So until then, have fun.  After all, that's what crazy dance parties are all about

For the first, explanatory post in this series, hop on over here.

And by the way, if anyone knows what the name of that PBS show was, please let me know.

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