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My New Office

Because my loyal readers have listened to me bitch and moan about the ongoing reorganization of my office for the last six months, I promised photos of the lovely new space.  I know you've all been holding your breath with anticipation, the way you do when you drive through a tunnel, but now you can exhale because the day is here.  Photos of my office ensue!

Ready?  Here we go:

Office7desk This is the mothership, my Ikea Galant desk with frosted glass door cabinets installed on the wall.  Ignore the mess of cords on the floor.  Isn't it funny how photographs highlight flaws?  (They also add ten pounds to medium to large people and subtract ten pounds from thin people.  Its a law of physics, I swear it.) 

Office2 This is the opposite side of the room, my chair and desk area.  I sit here every morning to write in my journal and do good-for-me things like meditate and read books that inspire me.  This morning I listened to the heavy rain and the birds singing and wondered where the birds were hiding to get away from the ongoing downpour.  Probably in the kiwi that is slowly taking over our backyard.

Office3 Below is the lovely freestanding shelf, which matches the cabinets.  Note frosted glass doors.  Behind them my entire life's work is organized into binders that are neatly labeled.  The best office tool in the whole world is a label maker.  I label everything.  And I mean everything.  Once a few years ago my daughter and I took my Mom to a wedding in Tahoe, where we stayed with a bunch of other relatives in a rental house.  The owner of the home had labeled where everything was supposed to go.  Like there would be a neatly printed sign that said, "towels" above the towel rack in the bathroom.  A label for where the coffeemaker was supposed to sit on the counter, and every blessed bit of space in the cupboards was labeled.  That's what my office is someday going to look like because I love my label maker so much.

Office4 My file cabinet, which is not yet full because I haven't gotten to it yet.  Atop it is my collection of glass paperweights that seem to find me–one from when I was on the board of Willamette Writers, one I got when I got my MFA from Spalding, and one from my beloved Loft. 

Office6alien Finally, and most important, my muse, the alien I got years ago at the Grand Floral Parade, in his new location beneath somebody's cast-off angel wings.  My alien likes lanyards with name tags on them, odd necklaces and jaunty scarves.  He has a very distinctive cry when one brushes past him.  All these years I've had him and the thought occurs I've never named him.  Anyone have any ideas?

So that is it, the photographic tour of my new office.  I love it.  You can see the photos of the moving out process here, and then you'll understand why I love this new space so much.  It is far less cluttered and there's more room for my brain to expand and create.  Leave any ideas for the alien's name in the comments.  (Note: all wonkiness in photos and accompanying text is thanks to Typepad.)

7 thoughts on “My New Office

  1. Jessica

    Very cool! I love all the frosted glass doors. Everything’s easily accessable but doesn’t look cluttered. I see your pin-up board to the left of your alien. Will you hang it up somewhere or is it staying down there?

    My Ikea desk arrives today! I’ll post pictures on my blog once I’m all set up.

    Regarding alien names, here are some ideas: Ed, Hersheys, Wilberforce, Aston Martin (according to Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy aliens have a tendancy to name themselves after cars). If I think of any others I’ll let you know.

  2. Charlotte Dixon

    Jessica, True confession, the bulletin board next to the alien is the second one. I found it and propped it up and started pinning things I didn’t know what else to do with on it. The first one is about four times as big, completely covered with things and propped up in my bedroom because I don’t know what else to do with it. Can’t bear to get rid of it.

    Can’t wait to see your Ikea desk. You are in a far more exotic location than I!

    Okay, so I’ve fallen in love with the name Wilberforce and my alien likes it too. Unless somebody comes up with somebody better, Wilberforce it is!

  3. Derek

    Your office space is great! So ordered! And so few cables under the desk! I have nine altogether on two entension gangs. I like your roomy desk. Mine is set out in a corner but it more angular. I really will have to clean it all up so that I can take photos too.

    Yes, Wilberforce the Alien. Hoping he will-be-a-force for many a productive hour in your new office :-)..

  4. Charlotte Dixon

    Derek, The best thing about the new office suite is my roomy desk. Before I worked on one about a quarter of the size and I always felt cramped. On this one I have tons of room to spread out my papers.

    Wilberforce says hi.

  5. Christi Corbett

    I really like what you’ve done!

    I too have an obsession with labels. And sticky notes. And little buckets that organize all my office supplies oh so neatly. Yep, I loves me some organization 🙂

    I love Wilberforce, but he seems like he’s an older, very distinguished, gentleman (I think it’s the stern eyes mixed with a knowing smile giving me that impression) How about adding a Mr.? As in, Mr. Wilberforce?

    Christi Corbett

  6. Charlotte Dixon

    Christi, glad to meet another writer who shares my obsession for labeling! And, okay, it is Mr. Wilberforce from now on. He seems to like that. Maybe I should put a label on his head.

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