What If…?

What if…every time you did something you didn't want to do, you put the energy you'd usually use
Journal-vivitar-writing-2117108-l complaining about it into getting it done faster?

What if…every time you were at work you acted grateful for the paycheck instead of whining about what a crappy job you have?

What if…every time  you failed you were happy for the lesson you learned?

What if….every time you talked with a friend you spoke of positive things instead of gossiping?

What if…every time you paid a bill you were grateful for the services provided instead of being shocked at how the amount is?

What if…every time you ate you said thanks for every bite instead of worrying about the calories?

What if…every time you thought about your body you told it how strong and gorgeous it is, instead of worrying about your fat thigh?

Just sayin'.

Anybody what to add a what if or two?

Photo by Eleaf, courtesy of Everystockphoto.

0 thoughts on “What If…?”

  1. What if everytime you met someone, instead of expecting them to cheat you or take advantage of your kindness, you smiled and exected the best from them?

  2. What if every time there’s an obstacle in my way I took it as an opportunity to learn, as a door opening on something unexpected instead of cursing and crying? Mmm…yes, that would be much better…:)

  3. If only we all did those things, we would all feel the better for it I believe. What if instead of looking for things about one another to hate, we actually took the time to find the things about each other to love? Just saying!

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