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Opening the Door

A few years ago, in honor of a landmark birthday (I'm sorry, I'm not prepared to divulge which one) my daughter gave me a tattoo.  Well, more to the point, she gave me the promise of a tattoo. 
However, I never took her up on it.  Not because I didn't want a tattoo, but because I couldn't decide what image I wanted permanently inked on my body.

I've thought of all kinds of things–a full moon (seeing as how my rising sign is Cancer), stylized ocean waves, a yin-yang symbol, angel wings, various combinations of these images–but nothing that ever totally grabbed me.

Then, a few weeks ago, I was in Manhattan with my sister.  We were sitting outside the ballet studio where my niece was about to perform and another audience member sat next to us.  For some reason, one of us noticed the tattoo she had on her ankle.

An open door.

She got this particular image, she said, because she wanted always to remind herself to be open.

I want me one of those open door tattoos. 

It is the first image that totally and completely grabs me.  I love the idea of having a permanent reminder to stay open inked on my body.  I want to be open to new ideas, new experiences, new anything.  Even at my advanced age.

Then, last weekend, I was at the movies (saw Please Give, which I enjoyed a lot) and as I walked to the restroom, I noticed the carpet had a stylized sun pattern on it.  The first thing that popped into my head was the open door tattoo.  And I started pondering how I could incorporate a sun or a moon or angel wings or anything at all into the open door design.


And, while we're at it, how do you remind yourself to stay open to the new?

***I found the awesome photo on Free Range Stock.

0 thoughts on “Opening the Door

  1. Charlotte Dixon

    J.D., actually, I like the idea of either the sun or the moon behind the door a lot. I hadn’t thought of that. I was thinking more in terms of having it on the door. But now that I ponder further, that doesn’t make sense at all.

    So, see? You were helpful after all.

  2. Patty _ Why Not Start Now?

    Hi Charlotte – I love images of open doors. I’ve learned that in psychological terms, they represent crossing a threshold into another dimension of life. Like moving from childhood to adulthood, or moving into a phase of high creativity. I don’t have any ideas for you door/sun (I like J.D.’s idea) but I think it’s cool that you want a tattoo for your “landmark” birthday. That made me laugh, because sometime recently I wrote about an experience I had while celebrating a “milestone” birthday. I wasn’t prepared to divulge either!

  3. Charlotte Dixon

    Patty, I remember reading and commenting on that very post…and I’m glad I’m not the only one unwilling to divulge my age! Love your thoughts on the imagery of the open door!

  4. J.D.

    My first thought was to put the sun behind the door, sort of peeking out. Considering you wish to be open, maybe the moon should be behind the door. Hum, I’m not adding anything to this discussion. LOL. I think there is a writing lesson here. Sometimes we try to sort out a character or plot so thoroughly, so perfect, that we never get to the act of putting ink on the paper.

  5. Charlotte Dixon

    Ah yes, Derek, it would be nice to be reminded that the journey is the destination, also. Thanks!

  6. Derek

    I would feel attracted to door being in the Sun, perhaps a deeper fiery red around the edges of the entrance brightening in a brilliant white light, representing that there is always transcendence – that it’s the journey and not the destination, that important to us. :-)

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