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Greatest Hits: Finding Your Personal Style As A Writer

While I'm in Frenchglen where there is no internet connection, I'm running an old blog post.  This one was originally posted back in 2007, and I thought it was apropos here since I just wrote another post on voice this past Monday.  Here it is:


One of my blog buddies, Renny, suggested I answer this question for a post: How do you find your personal style as a writer?

It has taken me awhile to get to it because it is a tough question to answer.

Personal writing style can also be called voice and the truth is, writers who don’t have it would kill to get it.

Sometimes I read student work that is raw, unedited, exuberant and wild. It may need plenty of work, but it has a voice, an energy, an originality that lifts off the page. It is so exciting when this happens. All those other problems can be fixed:

  • You can learn grammar
  • You can fix spelling and punctuation.
  • You can master the technical aspects of writing, whether fiction, or non-fiction.

What is not so easy to find is your voice.

  • Voice, or personal style, is like art: you know it when you see it.
  • Voice is what makes my blog on writing sound different than the next one you read.
  • Voice is what comes straight from the heart. It is what gives you authority and credibility—and you need authority and credibility even if you are writing fiction.

Okay, I hear you. “I want me some of that there style,” you’re saying. “How do I get me some?”

The answer is I don’t know that attaining voice is a mysterious process. Some people seem to be able to find their voice right away. For others it takes longer.

Finding voice most often has to do with writing a lot. Writing every day. Writing more. Writing like your life depended on it. Only by moving your pen across the page repeatedly will you access the voice deep within.

The Voice That is Great Within Us is the name of a poetry collection that I had in college and it is an apt title for personal style—which is, essentially, the voice that is great within us.

The Voice That is Great Within Us is what you want to let out on the page. It is the words that you might well censor as they well up inside you and out your fingertips. But don’t do that. Let it rip. This is why you must write a lot to find your voice—because the more you write, the more familiar you become with it. The more familiar you become with words, the more ease you have. And the more ease you have….the easier it is not to censor yourself.

This is why Renny and other bloggers have an advantage. We bloggers write a lot. (Brief aside: have you ever stopped to consider how glorious it is that here is so much writing going on now because of blogging?) And, let me just say it again—the more you write, the more likely you are to find your personal style.

Honestly, it all comes down to writing. In a pinch, choose quantity over quality. Let it rip, baby. That’s what God invented the art of rewriting for.

Why does everything having to do with writing always come down to writing?

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0 thoughts on “Greatest Hits: Finding Your Personal Style As A Writer

  1. Farouk

    i agree, having your own voice helps in making you unique in the blogging world where there are lots of other writers

  2. Charlotte Dixon

    Renny, Thanks for stopping by. I think Voice and Inspiration are two different things, with Inspiration being the impetus for Voice, if that makes any sense….

  3. RennyBA's Terella

    Yea it make sense and actually was an eye opener to me – thanks!

    Btw: I’m on a business trip for three days in Bonn and glad there is internet connection (how could I survive without? 😆 ) It might be a post or to about it later so you’ll hear my voice again 🙂

  4. Charlotte Dixon

    Renny, I survived three days last week without an internet connection and could hardly believe it. I actually kind of liked being away from the internet–first time in years. I love hearing your voice any time!

  5. Charlotte Dixon

    Yes, Farouk, having a unique voice is crucial in the blogging world, and every other kind of writing too. Thanks for dropping by and commenting.

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