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Promptitude: Autumn

I have one prompt for you today.  One.  Based on what I saw outside my window this morning:

A light in the fog. Tokyo_shinjuku_night_974361_h

Go write. 

PS.  Long-time readers will notice a wee bit of rearranging going on here.  I've just joined the BlogHer Publishing Network, which I expect will bring me, and hence you, all kinds of cool opportunities.  Thus, the new ad to the left.  You can still see my charming photo on the About page. 

And by the way, I have plans for even more reorganization.  I'm working on an idea that will make the years of posts on this blog more readily accessible, so stay tuned.


Photo by udono.

0 thoughts on “Promptitude: Autumn

  1. Jessica Baverstock

    How very appropriate. We woke up to fog so thick we could barely see the outline of the building next to us.

    I often think of describing the personality of fog: mischievous, lazy, foolish…or my personal favourite – merciful.

    One day I’ll find a story for that description.

  2. Charlotte Rains Dixon

    Jessica, Love your words for describing fog, especially merciful. That one hits home for me, and I’m not even sure why, which is maybe why it is powerful.

  3. Charlotte Dixon

    Okay, this is weird, for some reason Typepad didn’t pick up that last comment as being from me. But it is, really! Must be some strange Halloween thing….

  4. Charlotte Dixon

    Love it, J.D.!

  5. J.D.

    Congratulations on the new look, Charlotte. I’m adding a little to your prompt: After thirty-five years Elvin saw a light through the fog, something to aim for.

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