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Save a Bunch on Services and Classes: Announcing a Thanksgiving Sale!


NOTE: The sale is over, but you can still access all these classes and services on their individual pages.

Give the gift of creativity this Christmas, either to yourself or someone else.

In the United States, Thursday is Thanksgiving, when we eat turkey and count our blessings.   I'm grateful for you–my loyal readers.

In honor of the Black Friday/Cyber Monday shopping madness, I'm holding a weekend sale on select services and classes.   Time's up to get these deals on Monday at 5 PM Pacific time, so act fast. 

Buy something for yourself.

Buy something for someone else.

Buy something for yourself and then give it to someone to give to you.  (My favorite.)

Here are the deals:

Get Your Writing in Gear Session for $50

I offered this deal over Labor Day and sold a bunch.  Then I raised the price immediately.  Okay, listen up: I'm not going to offer this price on these sessions ever again.  Ever.  So buy now.  You can use them any time.  And you can buy as many of them as you want.  But only until Monday at 5 PM.  Click here for more info.

Just $50.


$50 Off Make Money Writing Class

I'm so excited about this class I could spit.  Except that would be un-lady-like so I won't.  Instead, I'll tell you a bit about it.  The class begins in January, and runs five sessions.  It is a teleclass, so you can listen to it anywhere (and I'll have juicy handouts, too).  I'm going to be revealing all the different ways I make money writing–and how you can, too.  Oh, if you hurry, you'll nab yourself a free coaching session with me when you sign up.  Check it out here.

Only $197!


$100 off One Month of Coaching

This includes 4 30-minute plus phone sessions, plus I'll read up to 30 pages of your work.  And I can state with great conviction that I'm going to be raising prices at some point next year.  My coaches already tell me I don't charge enough.  One of the things I love most besides writing is helping people to put words on the page and it would be my honor to assist you.  Again, use these sessions any time, buy it for yourself, or for someone else.  I'm easy.  Except when I'm coaching you. 

Just $297


I'm so excited to share these Thanksgiving specials with you!  And I send you blessings for the happiest of holidays.


Photo by Hey Paul.

0 thoughts on “Save a Bunch on Services and Classes: Announcing a Thanksgiving Sale!

  1. Zan Marie

    Have a Happy Thanksgiving, Charlotte!

  2. Charlotte Dixon

    And you, too, Zan Marie! I’m so grateful for you!

  3. J.D. Frost

    Well, I’m a little late with Thgving wishes. Have a SAFE Black Friday! You’re tempting me with these deals, Charlotte.

  4. Charlotte Dixon

    You have a great black Friday, too, J.D.! Don’t get swallowed up in the crowds. We’re actually going to see The Descendants in a minute–movies are always good to inspire writing!

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