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Begin an Inspired Writing Practice

Yearning to write but don’t have a clue how to start?  Got an idea for a book you’d like to begin but don’t know how?  Hankering to share your thoughts with the world through a blog but you’ve never written before?

Maybe what you need is a little boost.


The world of writing is a wonderful one, but it can be overwhelming to navigate as a first-timer.  There’s so much to learn and assimilate!  Plus, the mere idea of writing can intimidate: do I want to write a novel or memoir?  Short stories or articles?  And what’s the difference between them all?

You’re in luck.  I’m here to help.

My three-month long, one-on-one coaching package will take you from longing to write to actually writing.  In a supportive, nurturing environment, we’ll cover:

  • The writing process
  • Free writing
  • Using prompts
  • Making yourself do it
  • Choosing what to write
  • Managing ideas
  • The path to publication, if you desire it
  • Questions and confusions

The package includes:

  • 12 Weekly 30-minute phone calls (one per week, recorded)
  • Review of up to 20 pages per month of your writing
  • Written exercises

Whether you desire to write for yourself or for publication, by the end of our time together you’ll be proud to call yourself a writer.

Cost is $400 per month, but if you pay in advance I discount the package to $1000 (a $200 savings).

Buy entire package for $1000

Pay monthly–first installment $400

You can also pay by check, just email me for my address.

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