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UPDATE: Links are now corrected!

Hey y'all (I'm heading to Nashville soon so I'm practicing speaking southern) and happy Friday!

No post here today, instead I'm sending you over to read my guest post at the Writer's Muse Coaching blog by Milli Thornton, who many of you know from her presence in comments and guest posts here.

I just used the word here twice in one sentence–my editor would not let that slide by.  Which brings me to the subject of my guest post–how my character Emma Jean and I are alike and different.  I'm telling all.  Well, almost all.  Go read it and see.

**Speaking of novels, and we were, I just announced the next session of my Get Your Novel Written Now class.  It begins October 9th, and you'll be done in time for Nanowrimo!  Finish all your prep work and be ready to write like the wind.  Because, here's the secret–prepping for the novel is going to make it sooooo much easier to write.  Learn more about it here.


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