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A Couple of Quick Reminders

Just popping in to remind you of a couple of things:

This is the day that the Next Big Thing taggers post! As a reminder, I answered 10 questions about my WIP last Wednesday and tagged four other writers to answer the questions today.  Go visit them!  Here they are:

Candace White

Leisa Hammett

Sharon Henry-Jones

Mandy Webster

Beverly Army Williams

NOTE: Some of these authors may choose to post their answers a different day, but this is the day I'm choosing to introduce them to you.  So it's a win-win.

And, the author who started it all by tagging me:

Reavis Wortham

There's still time to sign up for my Virtual Book Release Party.  I really want to give you prizes, like signed copies of my novel and one free admission to my Get Your Novel Written Now class.  But you gotta sign up so I can send you the information.  Click here to do so.

And now, we can return to regular programming.

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