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Write-hand-writing-20106-lI've spent the summer writing book proposals as well as reviewing them.   Call it synchronicity, or serendipity, or whatever you want, but I have been immersed in book proposals. 

And I've learned a lot.

I thought I knew a lot about writing book proposals before (she said modestly), but now I know even more.  So when a couple of writers asked me when I was going to offer the Get Your Book Proposal Written Now class again, I figured this was a good time.

Actually, October will be a good time, when I'm back from my upcoming workshop/retreat in France. (I'm also planning on writing from Ceret.  I'll post links here, but they'll be up at the retreat website.)  

But I put the link up now, in case you want to plan ahead.  And the first three people to sign up get a free coaching session with me to discuss your idea for a book.  Cool, huh?

Here's the deal with book proposals: you need to write one if you want to pitch a non-fiction book to traditional publishers, because that's how non-fiction is sold.  (If you're writing a novel, dream on if you think you can sell it before it's finished.  Unless your name is John Grisham or Jennifer Weiner, you can't.) 

And even if you plan to publish your book yourself, its a great idea to write a proposal, because it lays out everything you'll need to know to write and promote the book.  So it's a great big huge no-brainer to write one either way.  And I shall tell you how.

So, please, check it out. The page has a lot more info on what I'll cover and how we'll do it.

And do tell: are you writing fiction or non-fiction?  Which is your favorite?

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