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I'm not really sure what this has to do with writing, probably nothing, though perhaps we could say it has a lot to do with creativity.  Yes, that's the ticket.  It's all about the creativity.

For some reason today, I got an idea to write about my tabs.  You know, the ones that you keep open on your computer.  Wait, you don't keep tabs open on your computer?  I do.  I currently have 12 of them open, even though it's much easier to open and close tabs and keep track of them since I downloaded Google Chrome, replacing years of using Firefox.  (For the record, I love Chrome.)

So here goes, from left to right, the tabs I currently have open:

1.  My Gmail inbox.

2. The site for an online workshop called Yoriginality.  It's about becoming a yoga teacher.  Kinda not sure where this came from, I think Twitter.  I am not going to become a yoga teacher, but I have recently started doing yoga after years of resisting it, so I was interested in the mother site, which is Curvyyoga.  And, also recently, I discovered Alexandra Franzen (more on her in a minute), and she's one half of the Yoriginality duo.  

3. The page for an E-course on painting that I would cut off my right hand to take (but then, hmmm, I wouldn't be able to paint).  This is the site of painter Flora Bowley, and its worth exploring for all the interesting and inspiring things she features. This must have come from Twitter as well.  I love me the Twitter.

4.  A post from the above-mentioned Alexandra Franzen, titled, Read This When You Can't Remember Who You Are, What You Do, Why You Do It–or How to Talk About It.  The post features a handy little exercise to help you discover who in the hell you are.  Another site that is worth exploring (which explains why I have it and Flora's open on my tabs–so I can go peruse them in spare moments).

5.  My Typepad blogging site, which I keep open to stay current with comments and stats, and also to inspire me to blog.

6.  My latest blog post, so I can tweet it and such.

7.  My Twitter @connect feed so I can keep up with who wants to talk to me.

8.  My Comcast inbox.

9.  Page which has information on purchasing tickets for upcoming talks by Isabel Allende and Diana Gabaldon, both of whom I would very much like to see. (I went to a lecture by Isabel years ago, and it was one of the best I've ever heard.)

10.  The Slashed Reads site, which my publisher pointed out to me and which I may do a giveaway with (though they don't know it yet–haven't gotten around to contacting them, hence why the page is open in my tabs).

11.  My hootsuite page.  Which is how I manage all my Twitter people.  If I were ever on Facebook, it's how I would manage that, too.  But I'm never on Facebook.

12.  And finally, my Yahoo home page, where I have a really random variety of RSS feeds stored.  I know the whole RSS thing is going out of favor and Google ditched their version of it, but I stubbornly like it.  I like having all the blogs I read in one place.

And that's it–those are my tabs.   A day in the life of my computer, I guess.  Hopefully it reveals me as a fascinating, multi-faceted creature, but I'm not holding my breath about that.

So, reassure me that I'm not crazy–you keep tabs open on your computer, right?  Right?  Care to share which ones?

0 thoughts on “My Tabs

  1. Zan Marie

    Good grief! I’m a one thing at a time kind of gal. All of this would keep me flitting back and forth instead of working.

    BTW, I *know* you’d love Diana Gabaldon! Someday I’ll get the Surrey International Writers Conf. and take one of her classes. She’s always there and always sharing.

  2. Charlotte Dixon

    Hi Zan Marie!  It would be much better for me if I just had one tab open, I'm sure of it.  I blame it on my right brain. Does Diana Gabaldon live in BC?  Just curious.  I've still got that tab for buying tickets open!

  3. Sandra Pawula

    Interesting! You have a lot of interests, Charlotte. I don’t intentionally keep tabs open on my computer. What I open ends up being a tab, but I pretty much ignore them except for the Feedly tab, which is my favorite place to read my favorite posts from my favorite people like you! Guess we’re all different!

  4. Charlotte Dixon

    Okay, that's the name of it–I've been trying to remember what Feedly is called.  I wanted to try it to replace Yahoo, which sometimes tends to lose feeds.  So thanks for this reminder!

  5. Zan Marie

    No, she lives in Scottsdale, AZ, but has gone to Surrey for years.

  6. Charlotte Dixon

    Oh that makes sense, thanks for the info!

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