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How to Make 2014 Your Best Writing Year Yet

Fireworks_firework_night_226231_lHappy New Year!

We're two days into 2014–how's it treating you so far?  Yeah, I know, it's a bit soon to tell. But I've been cheerful the last few days.  Why? Because I took time to review 2013 and work on goals for 2014.  I've spent a lot of time doing this, actually.   And I can tell by how happy its made me that it is a worthy endeavor.  Thus I will inflict it upon you.

In case you haven't spent time reviewing last year, go do that first.  (Doesn't matter that it's 2014, I figure that just as you have a year after a wedding to send a gift, you have until the end of January to review 2013.)

Now take a deep breath, get up from your chair, and dance around the room for a bit to shake all that old-year energy out.  Okay.  Sit back down, grab your journal and have at it.  Bear in mind a couple of things: you can answer as many or few as you want.  And sometimes I ask similar questions in slightly different wording because often coming at an idea from a different angle opens it up for you.

Questions and Prompts for Your 2014 Writing

What do you most want to create in 2014 in your writing life?  In your creative life? (Because one bears on the other.  They enhance each other, they don't take away from each other.)

What do you want to let go of in 2014?  (i.e., fear, procrastination, etc.)

What is your most important writing project in 2014?  Second most important?  Third most important?

How many words will you write a week?

When will you write?

What other genres might you try, just for fun?

How many things will you submit or self-publish in 2014?

Will you take part in a writing community (online or in the real world)?

How will you relax and rest?

When will you take time to daydream and think? (Vastly under-rated activities for writers.)

My biggest goal for 2014 is…..

At the end of the year, I'll be satisfied if….

The thing that will make me happiest with my writing is….

This year, I vow to….

If I could have one wish for my writing, it would be….

My perfect writing day would be….

My perfect place to write would be….

Okay, that ought to keep you busy for awhile!  And while you're at it, why not share one of your answers in the comments? 

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0 thoughts on “How to Make 2014 Your Best Writing Year Yet

  1. Amber Hart

    I just learned something about myself by reviewing 2013 and planning for 2014.
    What motivates/inspires me is also the same thing that I let get in the way of my writing: The successes of other writers. I cringe whenever I hear that someone got published or nominated for a prize or just plain praised for what they’ve written. Part of me says, “Oh, good for them!” While the other part of me says, “That’ll never happen to me.” I have vowed to give up that jealous, negative self-talk in favor of the old phrase, “Keep On Truckin’.” I never understood what that meant when I heard it as a kid. Now I know.
    Thank you for this, Charlotte. I’ve never established writing goals before now.

  2. Heather Jenkins

    Great post and questions, Charlotte! I LOVE this one: What do you want to let go of in 2014? That’s a toughie because it forces us to actually examine the baggage we carry every time we sit down to write. I have a hard time writing with my cat, Squeaks, on my lap much less with a host of suitcases and steamer trunks there as well. Thanks for the thought-provoking questions. I will ponder these for the next few days (and probably all year!).

  3. Charlotte Dixon

    Heather, I totally agree–the letting go part is the hardest.  I'm great with coming up with ideas and pretty good with putting them into effect, but letting go of the crap is difficult.  I am so glad these questions were helpful for you!

  4. Charlotte Dixon

    Oh my goodness, Amber, that is a huge ah-ha moment!  A huge part of change is recognition, so now that you've realized that you can change that negative self-talk that occurs.  And I'm happy that you are setting writing goals!

  5. Jenni Gainsborough

    Thanks for this Charlotte — two days into the New Year and I was already feeling myself sucked into my old non-creative morass but these questions are offering me a way out. Perfect place to write? That one’s easy — in France with you and Debbie!

  6. Charlotte Dixon

    So glad we're all going to be in France together again this year!  And I hope these questions do turn out to be helpful, Jenni.

  7. Zan Marie

    My biggest goal for 2014 is…..to finally complete, polish, and query FRIENDLY FIRE. Is that big enough, or what?

    Happy New Year, Charlotte! Mine is going great so far. 😉

  8. Charlotte Dixon

    I think that's a fabulous goal, Zan Marie!  So happy your year is starting out great–mine, too!

  9. Robyn LaRue

    I was having a little trouble prioritizing goals for 2014, but your question “At the end of 2014, I’ll be satisfied if…” cleared it up! Thank you!

  10. Charlotte Dixon

    So glad to help! I'm finding it so wonderful to have clarity about 2014!

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