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How I Wrote (Almost) 10K Words Yesterday

I finally did it.

I cleared away appointments (except for one) and committed to participating in Milli Thornton's 10K writing day.  (Regular readers will remember the guest post Milli recently wrote for me.)

I've wanted to do this forever but other commitments kept getting in the way.  Until yesterday.  

And so, I rose at my usual time of 5:30 (I know, it's crazy to get up that early–but it's what time I naturally wake up) and started writing.  

By 8:30, I had amassed 3,000 words.  I took a break to shower and read the paper and drink some more coffee.

Back at it by 9:30–and by noon I was up to 6,000.  I'd finished a novella I've been working on and was ready for lunch.  Not just ready–famished beyond words.  Writing that much takes a lot of mental energy.

I have to admit, this is where my energy started flagging.  6,000 words and completing a project seemed like a good day's work to me.  And later when I thought back over the day, I realized that in a perfect world, if I were devoting every day all day to fiction writing, 3,000-5,000 words a day would be a great goal for me.

But I really wanted to see how far I could get, so back to the computer I went.  I took a break for a client appointment mid-afternoon and then continued writing, finishing up by about 5, when I needed to feed the cats, cook dinner, and get ready for an evening meeting.

My final word count? 9, 247 words.  

Yeah, I know, I was floored too.

And my head was about ready to explode as well.  I have a bit of a headache today and I suspect it's from staring at the screen so much yesterday.

Now, bear in mind–these are rough draft words, people.  Those 9K + words were pure glumping onto the page and will need rewriting and editing and polishing and all that stuff we do before we send our work out into the world.

But–I have over 9,000 more words on the page than I did on Tuesday.  And that makes me happy.

By the way–Milli is hosting another 10K day this Saturday.  I found the support of the blog and the others participating invaluable–and a lot of fun.  (I also learned about Bounty bars, which I am now desperate to try.)  I can't participate this Saturday, but I sure plan to set aside time to do another 10K day next month.  

What's the most words you've ever written in a day?  Does the idea of writing 10K words in a day sound like fun or make you want to run for your life?  Please share.

0 thoughts on “How I Wrote (Almost) 10K Words Yesterday

  1. Milli Thornton (@fearofwriting)

    Thank you for the mentions, Charlotte, I was so thrilled to have you with us yesterday. And 1,000% thrilled for you and your writing outcomes. I enjoyed reading this behind-the-scenes peek into how your day went yesterday. Looking forward to having you with us again next month!

  2. Charlotte Dixon

    It was all because of you, Milli! This is such a great thing that you do for writers–thank you!

  3. Ledger D' Main

    About three days ago I…Wrote? Cajoled? Formulated? Speedily tippy tapped? Minced? Hammered out? Blindly typed? Randomly selected in the fashion of a thousand blind monkeys? Scratched? Wrung with an abandonment of reason?…a half page of keyboard testimony…but alas I could get no further, due to the fact that I ran out of Richebourg Grand Cru grape juice…

    How are the sales of that one and only scamp, Emma Jean, proceeding? Rumor has it that a sequel is in the offing, whereby Emma learns how to boil water…hmmmmm?

  4. Charlotte Dixon

    So what was your word count?  I'm sure you managed much more than half a page.  And there may indeed be an Emma Jean sequel or at least a short story.  She's not telling.

  5. Ledger D' Main

    Couldn’t do a word count, cuz I’m not sure that they are all ‘words’. I seem to have gotten my jumbo confused with my mumbo…

    It’s not like Emma to be so coy about her plans for Barnes and Noble domination…

  6. Don Williams

    Wow! 10K in a bloody, single day…. that’s mind bogging; congrats… you deserve it! I’m not sure what my highest word count ever was, but I believe it was around 6K? Frankly, the very thought of 10K in a day exhausts me!

  7. J.D.

    That’s very impressive. I need a little bit of that.

  8. Zan Marie

    Wow! Go, Charlotte, Go! Yesterday was just a good day. I edited 4 chapters. That’s a record!!!

  9. Charlotte Dixon

    It is a lot easier than it sounds, trust me.  And when you've got the support of other writers doing the same thing, it really helps!

  10. Charlotte Dixon

    Oh J.D., I know you get a lot of writing done!  How is the publishing of the mystery going?

  11. Charlotte Dixon

    That's great, Zan Marie!  4 chapters is a lot of editing!

  12. Charlotte Dixon

    No it is Amazon domination she's after!

  13. Ledger D' Main

    Trying to KINDLE a profitable relationship with the masses is she?…to light a FIRE in the minds of those who prefer Honey Booboo to Chaucer?…

  14. Charlotte Dixon

    Yeah, but none of that Honey BooBoo stuff for her, thanks.

  15. Sandra Pawula

    Congratulations, Charlotte! This is totally wow! I don’t think I’ve ever written that many words, but I’m sure I’ve had days when 2-5,000 words came out when I worked as a freelance writer. I’m not sure I’m up for this, but I’m glad to know about the possibility and the support available. It does sound like it has some side effects!

  16. Charlotte Dixon

    Thanks, Sandra.  And I think that one of the things that happens when you push yourself like this is it makes all the other writing easier.  When you are regularly churning out words, they just seem to flow better!  It was a great experience, thanks to Milli and her merry band, and I plan to do it again next month!

  17. Carole Jane Treggett

    Congrats again, Charlotte. It really is amazing how much one can write in one day. What works for me is having some specific goals of what I want to write during several short 30-45 minute bursts and making sure I have regular breaks.

    That said, I’ve been inspired to write something new or different on a given 10k day, and Milli is a good example/leader of how to follow a spontaneous writing inclination and go with it. I think it’s the encouragement and camaraderie we share with one another on the forum ‘live, as it happens’ that spurs me on to push a little beyond what I believe I can do. I’ve been so surprised at what I can produce, and a day like this reminds me how fun it is to be a writer and to have such great writing friends 🙂

  18. Charlotte Dixon

    Oh Carole Jane, I agree! What made that day so successful for me was knowing that all of my fellow writers were out there, doing the same thing. It was nearly as good as being in the same room together! And Milli is a great leader. I encourage everyone to try the next 10K day–even if you get 1K words, that’s a big success. The whole process of committing to it, clearing away appointments and distractions and then sitting down to write is wonderful and empowering.

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