Gone Rewriting

I am working on a rewrite of my novel, The Bonne Chance Bakery.  And, of course, the exciting news is that this rewrite is not just for me.  Nope, I am rewriting to the notes from the agent with whom I just signed, Erin Niumata, and one of her readers.  

This is all happening fast.  As in, a month ago I hadn't even submitted a query on this novel.  And now I have an agent for it and am working on a rewrite.  This process is interesting, and to all my students and clients, current and former, I say, yes you really do need to expand those descriptions and details! That is one thing I'm seeing repeatedly–a request for more details and description of my characters.  It cracks me up, because I'm constantly saying this to clients–more, more, more!  

Anyway, I have a deadline coming right up to finish this rewrite (which is an excellent thing, as I am very deadline-oriented).  But with my current load of clients, my students at MTSU, and my clamoring family, that means time is at a premium the next couple of weeks.  I've already emailed people and postponed lunches and coffees and non-essential meetings.  

The next thing to fall is going to be blog posts.  You know I can't ignore you for long, and I won't.  I will post at least once a week, but until mid-March that will likely be it.  I know you will understand and forgive me.

In the meantime, there's over 1,000 posts on this site, so you can start at the beginning, nearly eight years ago and read up to the current day.  I'm kidding.  However, there is a topic cloud in the right sidebar and if you click on some of those subjects, you'll find reading material tailored to your interests.

And let me just remind you of three upcoming workshops:

In Portland, How to Write A Book, on March 21 (mercifully after my deadline).  I think we only have a couple of spots left, so let me know if you are interested!

In Nashville, May 1 and 2nd, From Spark to Story.

In Collioure, France, Secrets of Structure, September 5-12.  There is only one spot left here, so let me know if you want to come.  It is going to be a blast!

Oh, and rumor has it there may be an online workshop coming up one of these days soon, so stay tuned!  And happy writing!

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  1. MTSU? Middle Tenn? Go ahead, work. Make us proud. We all have things we should be doing, as well.

  2. You betcha its Middle Tennessee, home of the Blue Raiders!  I think their football team actually went to a bowl game a couple years ago.  Thanks for the vote of confidence.

  3. Best of luck with the rewrite. Personally, even though I hate rewriting (actually, I hate redoing anything… period!) it usually always works out for the best and in your case I’m sure that it will do too. A bakery? Hmmm….sounds like you got something cooking up that really has my interest piqued… you naughty girl … now I really can’t wait to see what you’ve been up to!

  4. I get really nervous about approaching my rewrite, and then once I get into it, I love it.  Especially this time around because I know the changes are going to make the story so much better.  It is exciting.  And I'm glad you like the sound of it.

  5. Excellent! You go!! This is awesome- what a wave of movement for you. Ride it and enjoy every moment! You’ll be missed here but the cause comes first!

  6. So many congratulations! I know the rewrite will go well. Looking forward to an online workshop. Nashville is only a hard 8 hours, but I probably won’t make it.

  7. I laughed at the note about details. You may have said that to me a time or twenty 🙂 I recently had a critique partner that tried to cut all details except one line physical description for each character (presented the moment they appeared on the page.) we are no longer working together, but I was glad this post could reiterate that I’m not crazy! Best of luck with the rewrite, reward yourself with coffee and wine!

  8. I seem to recall mentioning that to you a time or two!  I love it.  Every time I read that in the rewrite comments, I cracked up.  Thanks for all your good thoughts!

  9. I have done it twice to go to concerts, so I certainly COULD, but I probably won’t this time. I was a lot younger then, and hadn’t busted my knee in an accident and had it replaced. Would be great if I could, but another time or an online workshop.

  10. I think all formula methods are doomed. You can’t have unique characters if you insist on cutting them from the same mold. Sorry. I just felt an urge to pass that bit of wind.

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