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You’re a Creative Person, Right?

Crayons-crayola-artsupplies-867610-hCreative vs. Non-Creative People

In which I attempt to answer the question, is there such a thing as a non-creative person?

Years ago, when I was a fledgling writer still getting used to becoming enraptured in the throes of the creative process, I developed a theory:

The world was divided into creative and non-creative people.

Creative people understood when I said I was in the middle of a chapter and couldn't go to a movie with them (or more likely, watch their child–since I wrote at home, I was that Mom who everyone dumped their kids on).

Non-creative people didn't.

Creative people got it when I talked about getting up early to write.  Non-creative people just kvetched about hitting the snooze button.

And just like morning people and night owls will never agree on the best schedule for the day, so, too, creative and non-creative people will never see eye to eye.

That is what I used to think.

But then I got schooled.

Schooled in the idea that all of us, every single one, is a creative being.  Moreover, our purpose in life, the reason we were put here, is to be creative.  Creativity for me means writing (okay, and knitting, too).  But for you it might mean gardening. Or sewing. Or lawn mowing.  Or playing the ukulele.  Or building furniture. I remember once, years ago, having gum surgery and realizing that for my dentist, working on teeth was a creative process.

Creativity is that thing that you do and you don't know time has passed.  It is that thing you do when you are totally present without having to bring yourself back to the moment a million times because you are jus there–totally wrapped up in it. It is that thing you do that makes you feel most alive–and afterwards in love with all the world.

And all of us have that creative spark within us.  And if we heed it, we'll be happier people.  And thus, so will the rest of the world.

I know I'm happier–by five thousand country miles–when I'm honoring that creative spark within. When I'm making the time, and using the energy, to write, to knit, to garden.  Because the truth is, creativity does take energy.  It is harder to sit at your computer and throw words at the page than it is to surf the internet and read news and celebrity stories because when you're being creative, your brain has to work.  It is harder to pick up the knitting rather than just stare at the TV (I speak for myself here) because your fingers have to move.

Creative work requires energy, for sure.  But the good news is that after you've expended that energy you'll feel better than you could ever imagine.  You'll be exhilarated–and maybe exhausted at the same time.  But it will be a good exhaustion, the kind that comes when you've put everything you've got in that moment out on the page, or the canvas, or the garden bed, or into the strings of your guitar, or however you best like to express yourself.

And I suspect that those among us who claim to be not creative have simply not expended the time or energy to figure out where their creativity lies within.  And if they did, they'd experience the absolute joy of letting it flow out.

So, yeah, don't tell me that you're not creative–because I know you are.  I'm likely preaching to the choir here, but all of us can stand a reminder of this now and then, don't you think?

Did you ever have a time when you thought you weren't creative? Leave a comment and let's discuss.

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0 thoughts on “You’re a Creative Person, Right?

  1. Kayla Dawn Thomas

    Great post! I totally agree that creativity looks different on everyone. I’ve recently had to accept that my daughter IS being creative when she’s playing Mine Craft on her iPad. It wasn’t on paper, so I guess I was writing it off. Then I realized I’m creative on my computer all day. DUH! I also took the time to watch her play and take tours of the worlds she’s created, and there is no way in hell I could have done all that!

    Also, thought you’d like to know that I’m also that person who has to say no to babysitting during the day too because I’m writing.

  2. Angie Dixon

    This is awesome, Charlotte. I’ve just been writing about the fact that there’s no such thing as not-creative. I’ve written about it before, and it’s still true and always will be.

    Great post.

    Oh, and congrats on the agent! VERY exciting!

  3. J.D.

    I’ve always looked at myself as creative. My early dilemma was tying that to a goal. My goal now is to write a widely read mystery. Still it seems kind of odd or off center. That’s part of being me. If I had a lock on everything, I would be scientist.

  4. Charlotte Dixon

    Angie–great minds think alike!  And since we share the same last name, it is even more true!  Haha.  I'm glad you liked the post and are of a like mind.  And thanks for the congrats!

  5. Charlotte Dixon

    Love that, J.D.–that you felt you wanted to tie your creativity to a goal.  I think that's what scares people away sometimes.  But you have succeeded brilliantly!

  6. Lauri Grifin

    Lovely post! I argue with people all the time that we are all creative. A lot of people don’t believe me though. I think we get hung up on words like artist, writer, creativity, and art.

  7. Dyoung

    I believe all people have inherent creativeness in them. However- not all people are in tune to it. Just like the two natural math experts in my family. They tell me anyone can do it. Maybe. And it just might be sitting there in my left brain. But that doesn’t mean I know how to tap into it. Just like the “non” creatives. They are just not sure how to use it. Some of us – that’s all that flows. The challenge is getting it to flow in the direction of success. Whatever we each describe as success.

  8. Charlotte Dixon

    I love that you came to seeing how creative your daughter is actually being! It is amazing what happens when we expand our mindsets.

    And I’m behind you all the way for saying no to all those other Moms who assume you’re doing nothing because you are home all day. Ha! It was always really hard to get them to understand.

  9. Charlotte Dixon

    Great way to put it–we do get VERY hung up on labels when in truth creativity is all around us in various forms.

  10. Charlotte Dixon

    Oh man, can I relate to you about the math experts–my son has his Master’s in Math and does some kind of crazy calculations having to do with dams in his work. It is beyond me. He has explained to me what a prime number is a million times–and I still don’t know. You are correct–I have no idea how to tap into it. That is a really good analogy for all the so-called “non” creatives.

  11. Zan Marie

    God created us in His image–to create! And those of us who find our niche are much happier for it. Thanks for the post!

  12. Charlotte Dixon

    That's one of my favorite concepts, Zan Marie, and I agree completely! 

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