Inventive Writing Prompt Round-up #35

Here's the latest collection of prompts from my Tumblr blog (minus one, because I forgot to do one on Sunday).

#240 She sat up quickly.  She forgot!  She had totally forgotten about it!  

#241  What’s the worst job you’ve ever had?  Write about it.  Work details can enliven fiction.

#242  Your character’s eating habits tell a lot about him.  Write about them.  Does he drive through McDonald’s every day for breakfast?  Cook lavish meals at home? Dine in the finest restaurants? 

#243  Doing new things is hard.  It is also brain-expanding.  What have you (or your main character) done that is new and different lately?

#244  TGIF.  What does your main character like to do on Friday night?  Date night? Stay home and watch a movie? Go to Happy Hour with friends? Get in bed early and read?

#245  Water.  Are you (or your character) afraid of it or do you revel in it?  Good swimmer or dog paddler?

 How is your writing going?  Do prompts help you write?


0 thoughts on “Inventive Writing Prompt Round-up #35”

  1. I like #243. Doing anything is better than watching. I consume more TV than ever. I do a show (43 minutes) in the afternoon and one at night. With the extra hour in the afternoon, I tell myself I’m learning about my genre writing. We are so easily deceived. Watching doesn’t change your wiring, doesn’t effect your chemistry. For most of the good things in life, you must be engaged. And #245–my main character is not even going there.

  2. #243 – she has moved to a bold new place. I haven’t in real life. I think that’s why she does in such a matter of fact way. Knows no one, but loves her geographical surroundings. Feels safe. And she succeeds. But not until she gets to the root of things. Just moving doesn’t solve all problems. Problems follow us like baggage. The move was the first step. Living was her second step.

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