Inventive Writing Prompt Round-up #36

Here's the latest collection of posts from my Tumblr blog, where I post a prompt daily.

#246 As a child did you (or your main character) go to church? Sunday school or sitting in the service with the adults?  What was your experience—love or hate? Character building or destroying?

#247 And then she had to start over again….

#248 Scissors, watchband, rabbit.  Use these three words in a sentence and then use that sentence as a prompt.

#249 Happy April Fool’s Day!  Write about a time somebody fooled you and what happened.  How did you feel about it?  Some people think pranking is hysterical, others, not so much.

#250 What’s your character’s favorite kind of weather? (Not everyone likes endless stretches of warm, sunny days.) 

#251 It’s Good Friday.  What are your character’s beliefs around religion?

#252 How does your character feel about technology? Luddite or early adopter?  Or somewhere in between?

 Happy writing!  What are you working on?  Do you use prompts often as you write?


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#246 Yes, I went to church as a child. This morning, Easter Sunday, I have been so uncertain. At the beginning of the year, I attended the early service every week. I prayed often about my book. In almost all ways it is insignificant, but I made deals with God as if it were important to someone other than myself. I don’t mean promising things to God if he made my book a bestseller. I would never stoop to that. It has nothing to do with book sales. I owe already. In the middle of February, after one of those… Read more »


Thank you, Charlotte. I love you and your blog. Happy Easter.

Charlotte Dixon

The feeling is mutual, J.D.