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Inventive Writing Prompt Round-up #37

Good morning and happy Saturday!  Here is the latest collection of prompts from my Tumblr blog, wherein I write a prompt a day.  (And yes, some days I do kick myself for starting this project.  But most days I enjoy it a lot.)  Here goes:

#253  A sudden rainstorm.  Your character is stuck out in it, with no shelter in sight. What does she do?  Revel in it, or huddle miserably? What kinds of memories and emotions does the storm bring?

#254  Every morning, without fail, first thing she did upon rising was….

#255 Do you (or your character) favor yoga or Qi Gong? Running or walking? Going to the gym or working out at home?

#256 One more time, with feeling…

#257 New life.  Cause for celebration.  Where is there new life in your character’s world these days?

#258 A foggy morning.  What was revealed when it cleared?

#259 If only….she thought.  We all have a lot of “if onlies” in our life.  What is your character’s biggest if only?

Happy writing!  As always, share snippets below if you are so inspired.

0 thoughts on “Inventive Writing Prompt Round-up #37

  1. J.D.

    Elmore Leonard says don’t start with the weather #253, but there are no concrete rules. I hate television. For a couple of years, I didn’t have TV. Then I limited myself to one hour per night for months, but recently I’ve added another hour on my off days. It’s creeping back into my life. I am fascinated with “The Killing.” It is not for the easily depressed. There are no bipolar writers on the staff–they are dark all the time! The show is set in Seattle. Every show it rains: I love it! Episodes have opened with shots through a wet windshield, people walking in downpours without umbrellas, homeless characters seeking cover from the rain under a bridge. If it’s not raining in the opening scene, pack your umbrella. It is all . . . so Seattle.

  2. J.D.

    I haven’t seen Grimm. I’ll watch an episode, though I’ll try not to add another hour to my TV time. No, I wouldn’t recommend that you see “The Killing.” I wouldn’t even recommend that I see it, but there it is. Sunday afternoon and I’ve promised myself that I will type at least five characters; I think that is looked upon as a word.Take care. Have a relaxing afternoon.

  3. Charlotte Dixon

    Good luck with your writing today, J.D.  

  4. Dyoung

    I was in Seattle for four days in early March this year and it was 55-60 degrees and not a lick of rain the entire time. I was told that is very abnormal.

  5. Charlotte Dixon

    Here in the Northwest, we've had the most incredible winter–while the rest of the country suffered with snow, we had California-like weather for months.  Warm days, no rain.  Amazing!  Since spring started, we've gotten a bit more rain, but still not as much as usual.  It's weird!  

  6. J.D.

    That’s a warm March. I hope you packed beach clothes.

  7. Dyoung

    #259- my character is done with what ifs. She has begun a new life and what ifs aren’t something she will entertain. Not that troubles haven’t followed, she knows what must be done and what if isn’t a place she stays.

  8. Charlotte Dixon

    Gonna need them soon.

  9. Charlotte Dixon

    Love it, especailly “what if isn’t a place she stays.”

  10. Angie Dixon


    Today I’m just too darn tired to come up with a response to your brilliant, as always, prompts. But I thought I would drop in and announce that 10 Impossible Ideas Before Breakfast has been deposited with the editing team, as of 5:30 yesterday afternoon. YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Also yay, I finished my latest magazine story.

    I enjoy coming around here and hearing and sharing. I’ll be back in a day or two to actually say something that contributes to the conversation 🙂

    Oh. Did I tell you I got a new domain name? You should totally get You could have it point to so you wouldn’t have to change anything, but you could tell people to go to 🙂

  11. Charlotte Dixon

    Yay!!!!  Huge congratulations.  And I love that you come around here to chat and share.  You must come back and let us know when the book is ready–its one of my favorite topics.  Since I'm in the process of changing things up on the blog (i.e., the new blog design, which this week I hate again), I love the idea of getting  Brilliant, utterly brilliant.  Thanks.  And I hope you go celebrate!

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