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Inventive Writing Prompt Round-up #42

Like clockwork, like magic, like butter on bread, here it is, my weekly round-up of writing prompts from my Tumblr blog.  I'm in Seattle this weekend, but you should be writing. Kidding! Or not. Anyway, Enjoy!  Or don't enjoy, but use them to write like crazy.

#288 What was your main character’s relationship with her mother like?  Happy and loving? Polite but distant? Very, very contentious? Write about it for 15 minutes–or more.

#289  Everyone else was sad when the rain started falling after a long string of gorgeous days.  But not her.  She was delighted.  Because rain meant …..

#290 Who does your main character love? Who loves her?  Do they match up?

#291  Write about a time you, or your main character, was so engrossed in an activity that time flew without him realizing it.

#292  But you know, you could also do it this way.

#293  I know you don't agree with me, but tough, because ….

#294  It's Saturday.  What's your character's drink of choice this evening?  Wine (red or white), beer, tea, coffee, water, a cocktail, Diet Coke?  How much of it will he drink?

Go forth and write!  And add the results to the comments if you so desire….

0 thoughts on “Inventive Writing Prompt Round-up #42

  1. J.D.

    #291 For me, time slows when I’m enjoying myself, doing something I want. It’s when I look back that I think “That went by much too fast.” My protagonist doesn’t think about time: He thinks about ends. Really, it’s he, Moses Palmer, who should be writing books. Heaven forbid that he would flip the table and write about me. lol. Whatever the subject, he would get it done. He grabs something and he won’t let go. He’d blow book #3 out in six weeks! His idea of time is to finish. There is old explanation of Albert Einstein’s Theory of Relativity. A passenger on a train is looking at the station clock when the train leaves, traveling at the speed of light. The aspect of that story no one ever mentions is: You must be on the platform or on the train. You can’t be both places at once. You are either riding the train, flying down the track, or watching from the platform.

  2. Charlotte Dixon

    I love that you know Moses so well. And it totally shows in your novels about him. I also love his ideas about time.

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  3. Dyoung

    290 is a very loaded question for my character. It would take me writing a book to explain 🙂

  4. Charlotte Dixon

    Well, I think you should write one then. 🙂

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