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Inventive Writing Prompt Round-up #43

Hi, I hope you've had a great week with lots of writing.  And guess what?  It's a long holiday weekend, at least here in the states.  Surely you plan on using at least some of it to write?  Of course you do. Here are some prompts from my Tumblr blog for your inspiration.

#295 Two women walk into a bar.  The entire place goes quiet, and all heads turn toward them.  It is not because they are beautiful, but rather….

#296 Would you please stop that right now?  Right this minute! It drives me absolutely crazy when….

#297  The sky darkened and lights flashed.  It wasn’t an electrical storm, though, it was….

#298  Two women sit at the bar of a fancy restaurant, one blonde, one brunette, both gorgeous.  The blonde sips her martini, sets it down on the bar and gaze at the brunette. “Now it’s your turn. I’ve told you my story.  What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever done for love?”

Write both their crazy-for-love stories.

#299  Describe your main character in three words.  

Now take each of those words and write more about how it manifests in your character.  Dive deep.

#300  Sometimes–often–wisdom, ideas and inspiration come in odd ways, such as a comment from another person, a song lyric, an evocative smell, or a glimpse of an image that reminds you of something.  Write about signs you’ve received recently.

#301  Write about your own style of dress and things you might be know for–wearing crazy ties, or colorful scarves for instance.  Now do the same for your character.  Does he or she have a unique style or is it more mundane? What does this say about him or her?

 There you go!  Have a wonderful time writing.


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