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Inventive Writing Prompt Round-up #45

It is sunny and hot here in Portland, hot like in the nineties.  Not my favorite.  My office is upstairs for the time being (I'm working on moving it downstairs) and it gets hot up here so I'll be driven away from the computer soon enough.  (I'm pretty sure we're going to see the movie Mad Max this afternoon–I've been a movie going fool lately, and besides, the theater will be air conditioned!)  But before I go, just because I love you so much and want to make sure you write tons this week, I compiled the latest collection of prompts from my Tumblr blog for you.  Hope it is lovely where you are and that you're having a great weekend.

#309 Viva la revolution! What does your main character feel strongly enough about to agitate for?  To take to the streets in rebellion?  To protest if it were taken away from him?

#310  She worked furtively on the project for months, hiding the papers she took notes on or the computer screen when anybody walked by.  In the end, when she finally revealed the project, it was for  __________________.  

Either her project works amazingly well, or its a huge fiasco.  Write about her project and its results.

#311  Main character (or you): primly tidy or near-hoarder? How does this make him or her feel?  

#312  Ever patiently, he sharpened the knife.

#313  “Why do people act like that?” she asked, watching as a group down the hill started to __________________.

#314  Although there was nothing wrong with his leg, he always walked with a cane.

#315  She poured cream into her coffee and gazed into the cup, hoping it would tell her a secret.

By the way, those last few prompts are from something I found when sorting through crap stuff in my office. More on that soon.  In the meantime, how's your writing going?


0 thoughts on “Inventive Writing Prompt Round-up #45

  1. J.D.

    #311 Tidy–when I think of that word and myself, my funeral shoes are all that come to mind. They are in the bottom of the linen closet, polished and pushed into socks. I break them out occasionally and work on them, as I did every night during boot camp. We sometimes used hot water, sometimes cold; we poured lighter fluid on the waxed toes and set them afire; we had all sorts of magic methods; but, mostly, we used spit and polish. I do that now, shine them to such a luster that the illusion of depth appears, as if you could drop a nickel in the toe and you’d have to wait five seconds to hear it land. But if you could see where I write, you wouldn’t think tidy. Papers liter the desk that holds my computer. Sticky notes all over the monitor. There is a stack of books top shelf, topped by my cap collection. I walk sideways to get to the chair. It’s part of getting everything just right, so I’ll produce. It’s trashy but it’s also important, for reasons I don’t understand. I’m no more sure why I write than why the caveman did. Do I hope to leave something behind because I’m sure when I die, that’s it? If I believe my spirit will meld with those I love, then I write to celebrate the here and now? Does the writing cover both? Something to leave behind and sharing a song with my fellow travelers? Both covered? Sloppy or tidy? Writing desk or shiny shoes?
    Great stuff, Charlotte. Not sure how you turn these things out again and again. Peace, love, Ducks.

  2. J.D.

    #312 I have a knife my son gave me, a small Case with two blades. I’ve never sharpened it, never used it to cut anything. I can’t recall ever having opened it. When I carry it, I’m in constant fear of losing it. Still I must slip it in my pocket occasionally or risk losing the connection.

  3. Charlotte Dixon

    Speaking of great stuff, J.D., both your pieces are!

  4. J.D.

    You can’t make shapes in your coffee with cream, can you? That’s whipped cream or something. What would you make, Charlotte? It’s the sort of thing you might do while waiting for someone. Do you play in your coffee?

  5. Charlotte Dixon

    The good baristas here in town make shapes in the cream when they finish off a latte–like a feather or a heart. And last night I had whipped cream on my cherry pie, but I was too busy eating it to look for secrets or stories in it.

  6. J.D.

    lol on eating the art. Sounds like scene material to me. A lady waiting for someone she wants to see, playing in her coffee. It would be great for literary or romance. I can’t use it. My people draw guns instead of hearts.

  7. Charlotte Dixon

    They sure do.  :-)

  8. Dyoung

    This is a great conversation! Forget the writing prompts. Your replies are giving me fuel for my fires!

  9. Charlotte Dixon

    We like to be at your writing service!

  10. J.D.

    That’s funny. In no time, you’ll be drawing in your latte.

  11. Dyoung

    Not sure about that…as I did enjoy a dirty chai latte yesterday. But the scenes that happen in my coffee shop can always use a little extra spice.

  12. Charlotte Dixon

    I've been a little bit too fond of getting Starbucks Frappucinos lately.  But now they have the mini size so I can enjoy one of those without guilt.  And no, they don't make designs in the Fraps!

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