Inventive Writing Prompt Round-up #50

Here are the prompts for the week from my Tumblr blog.  Have at it!

#343 When the party ended…

#344  He walked and walked and walked until he couldn’t walk anymore because….

#345  A nun, a cowboy and a CEO dressed in a fancy suit walked into a bar.   You write the rest.

#346  What is your main character’s happily ever after? Does he or she attain it?

#347  Escape! You are free at last!  What have you escaped from and why did it bind you for so long?

#348  Happy Hour.  What does your character drink: wine, beer, hard liquor, tea, coffee, water?  And why?

#349  The best day of your life.

How's your writing going this week?  What are you working on?


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#345 A nun, a cowboy, and a CEO dressed in a fancy suit walk into a bar. An observant writer who’d had one martini too many said to the lady, “I knew you were a nun right away, because you’re wearing a habit.” To the cowboy, he said, “I knew you were a cowboy because of the hat, the chaps and the boots.” “What about me?” the CEO said. “I knew you were a convict because they always give you a suit when you get out of prison.” “I’ll have you know this suit cost $7,000.” “Damn,” the writer replied,… Read more »