Inventive Writing Prompt Round-up #53

Here is the latest collection of prompts from my Tumblr blog, minus one because I, um, forgot.

#363  Write about how your character reacts in an emergency.  Cool and composed, the one everyone else can count on? Or the opposite?

#364  Use the words sunlight, sailing ship, and stained glass in a sentence.  Now use that sentence as a prompt.

#365  What a difference a year makes! It had been a year since ________________.  She found that hard to believe, because ________________.

#366  Here’s to beginning again….

What has your main character had to start over and how many times? 

#367  The noise! The smell! The glare! It was worse than he thought…

#368  Write about a time your main character recovered from something–an illness, a broken limb, an accident, a break-up, a loss.

 How is your writing going? Feel free to share, or share a response to a prompt in the comments!



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#363 In genre writing the protagonist reacts automatically. This question should never come up: Does the emergency endanger any person or thing that hero or heroine cares about? He’s cool all the time–right? I won’t say “on one hand” but I have enough body parts to count the people I truly care about. Places and things don’t interest me a lot. Suppose my character is an extension of me–I think he should be–does he prioritize emergencies? If he knows that on the north end there is a snake in the mail box and on the south end the pond ice… Read more »