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Links Round-Up: Nanowrimo

While I am out, I'm posting link round-ups of various sorts.  I looked at the calendar and realized, Nanowrimo is a little over a month away! (If you don't know what Nanowrimo is, you probably won't be interested in these links.  But for the record, it is National Novel Writing Month, wherein you write at 50,000 word novel in a month.)


Here are some articles I'm published on the topic through the years:

Top 5 Ways to Prepare for Nanowrimo

Writing Beginnings: Nanowrimo, Day One, A Story About Sometimes

Nanowrimo Prep

Writing Inspiration, Whether You Are Nanowrimo-ing Or Not

There's a Reason Nanowrimo is Held in November

8 Essential Tools for Book Writing (Just in Time for Nanowrimo)

Writing Every Morning

And hey, if you feel like you'd like a little support for the novel writing, and some help prepping for Nanowrimo, consider my Get Your Novel Written Now Class, coming up in October.

Image by ktylerconk.  It's a quote from Henry David Thoreau, on a plaque at the New York City public library.

0 thoughts on “Links Round-Up: Nanowrimo

  1. J.D.

    I can’t Nanowrimo at this time because I Nonotimo, too much Yoyobusyo. Everyone bitches about how little time they have. I’m not going there. I think I sleep too much. Heck, I go to bed at 10:30. Ten friggin thirty! I need more time to write. And besides, don’t you have to live to write? Shouldn’t I be going out, experiencing life? Am I doomed to write about a bunch of crap that happened years ago? Hum. Thirty minutes of life and thirty minutes of writing. That’s only one hour and I’m in bed by 11:30. Just the mix to WriteOaBiggio. Come back, Charlotte, before I go nuts.

  2. Dyoung

    This looks like it was designed just for me. I guess I’m the one person bitching about how little time I have.

    Here’s the thing: when you find yourself as the sandwich generation…taking care of kids/home and aging parent(s) life does seem to race by. Don’t get me wrong. The sandwich generation has been around for decades. Generations back have dealt with caring for opposite age ends of family. But none have done it in today’s world. Guess what? I work too.

    Life is not easy and it takes the guts of a marathoner to keep up some days.

    And then I want to write a book. Do I move that above family? No. Do I move it above work? Well, I can’t right now. But it is more important than a lot of other things. That’s why it’s an important goal of mine. And if Char can find a niche for helping people accomplish a HUGE dream – even if it’s not the very first thing on their list of priorities, then so be it. She’s a better coach for every person she helps.

    Yes. Come back Charolette. You’re needed here.

  3. Charlotte Dixon

    As I recall, you set yourself some very impressive and ambitious writing goals, J.D., so none of this going to bed at 10:30 for you.  Stay up and write!  Hahaha, right?  I am back and I think I'm recovered from jet lag, but just.  I've got a couple ideas for blog posts so stay tuned, there shall be new content soon!

  4. Charlotte Dixon

    Well, I have to say, it touches my heart to have you guys begging me to come home!  I'm here and I'll have new posts soon.  And by the way, I know how hard it is to care for two different generations at once–my hat is off to you.  One thing I will say is that you'll never regret it.  When both my dad and my mom died, I had no regrets.  I spend lots of time with them and if I hadn't, I would have felt terrible.  Oh, and by the way, you do have the skills of a marathoner so you can do this!

  5. Dyoung

    You were DEFINITELY missed. Thank you for the votes of confidence!

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