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Five on Friday: Can You Believe it is January 22nd Already?

LatteMacchiatoWhere has this month gone?  I keep telling my husband we’ll blink and be sitting outside on the deck for Happy Hour. It is almost warm enough today to do that, and I’m so sorry for those of you buried–or about to be–under snow.  Actually, I’m kinda jealous.  At any rate, here are my Friday offerings.

What I’m Telling Myself:  You don’t have to know the answers. That’s why you’re writing.  I’m working on a rewrite of my macaron bakery novel (for an editor who is very interested–yay) and I’ve convinced myself I have no idea what I’m doing.  Then I remember, oh that’s right. I never do.  That’s why I write–to figure stuff out.

What I’m Reading: I’m excited because I just got the ARC of An Incredible Talent for Existing: A Writer’s Story, a memoir by Pamela Jane.  She is the best friend of my business partner, Debbie and I’ve heard about the writing of this book for a while now.  Stay tuned, because I’ll have either an interview or guest post with her soon!

I have a stack of at least 10 other books waiting to be read as well, and it is all the fault of our library.  We have one of the busiest library systems in the country, and the branch I frequent is one of the busiest in the city.  (Yesterday when I was there, I overhead a librarian telling a patron where she could find a quiet spot to study–at the coffee shop next door.)  I have a bad habit of putting a ton of books on hold.  As soon as I hear of a book I want to read, I go to the website and put a hold on it.   Then its like Christmas when the book comes in.  The only problem I haven’t yet figured out how to solve is the flow.  I either have no library books or they all come in at once.  And then of course, i go to pick them up and choose more.  Ah, me.  Such first world problems to have.

What I’m Studying: I’m a student nerd.  Or maybe that would be nerd student? Anyway, if it were up to me, I’d be in school forever. But, since I can’t do that, I sometimes devise courses of study for myself.  My current one is writing the mystery, and I’m starting with a study of the books and life of Agatha Christie.  I have a stack of books from, you guessed it, the library.  Of course, since I’m rewriting my novel and continuing with my client work, this little project may suffer from a lack of attention.  But the desire is certainly there.

What I’m Working On: Healing my body.  The latest in my continuing adventures with energy and body work is getting ashiatsu massage.  For those of you unfamiliar with it, as I was until I saw a Groupon, this is a technique where the massage therapist uses her feet.  It’s also called Oriental Bar Therapy because there are two parallel bars on the ceiling above the massage table that she holds onto while she tromps on you massages you.  In some places it hurts like the devil is poking your muscles, but it is also the most effective massage I’ve ever gotten.  Awesome.

What I’m Drinking: My new favorite drink is the Starbucks Latte Macchiato.  I’m sort of a fiend for their holiday drinks and when they are gone, I miss them.  So it is delightful to have a new favorite.  My daughter and I throw her boys in the car and go to the drive-through for them.  We get a dose of caffeine and the boys fall asleep.  A win-win.

And that’s what I’ve got today.  How about you? What’s up with you?

0 thoughts on “Five on Friday: Can You Believe it is January 22nd Already?

  1. J.D.

    Okay, I do have a fake all-things-writing guru hat I wear often, but I don’t know ARC. I’m sure the last letter is for copy, but . . . . I’d like to read the work of Debbie’s friend when the YSBIOT copy is available. (You’re screwed because it’s out there.) On your other topic, I fear for the future of libraries. Will they all become public internet stations? That pops in my head because I feel myself being tugged away. I sometimes consider joining that Amazon thing where I read all the Kindle I want. Should that happen, I’m not sure I’d go to the library. I know the religious experience of holding paper and ink in my hands but my tablet is sooooo convenient. And I can read it in the dark. There’s no reason for me to worry over this issue. One of the advantages of growing old is the burden of these decisions falls on heads younger and smarter than mine. My new favorite drink is coffee. I gave it up for years. I’m thinking of swearing off again, because I was absent the day they made the all-things-in-moderation announcement. When I find something good, I have such a difficult time letting go.

    1. Charlotte Rains dixon

      ARC is Advanced Reader Copy and I should have spelled that out. Just like the time I used WIP (work in progress) and got emails asking me what the f&^%? And I should know better, because language specific to a field that others might not know is one of my pet peeves. Anyway…for about the past two or three years I read practically everything on the Kindle. But over the last few months I’ve gone back to physical books. No particular reason, it just happened. And I’ve read that this is a trend in the industry as well. One reason might be that on Amazon, physical books are nearly the same price as Ebooks from the big publishers. I think that’s really stupid pricing, but oh well. I agree, though, I don’t worry too much about which I choose. It is what it is. The library, however, is one of my most favorite places ever. Ours are alive and well and thriving here! Love, love, love it.

  2. Dyoung

    I’ve been doing the latte macchiato at Starbucks too! I like the flavor yet not too bitter. It’s like a smoothed down dirty chai which is my all time fave!

    1. Charlotte Rains dixon

      Isn’t it a good flavor? I love the way you get more coffee than milk taste.

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