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10 Ways to Welcome Spring and Rejuvenate Yourself and Your Writing

Spring never fails to surprise me with its lush beauty.  And this year is no different. Even though we don’t get much in the way of snow, it does feel like we’ve come through a long winter, seeing as how we’ve had record-setting rainfall amounts. And so spring is delighting me everywhere I look.  Here are some ways to welcome it in that just might impact your writing, too.four-leaf clover

  1. Smell the flowers. I know, duh. But sometimes I get so busy with all the very important details of my life that I forget to appreciate the small things. And those small things, added to our stories, are what make them come alive.
  2. Roll in the grass. Or swing on the swings. Slide down the slide. Play like a little kid. We adults are usually far too cool to do any of this—but it is a lot of fun once you let loose. And nothing refreshes the writer’s brain like some fun.
  3. Rest. Have you noticed a lot of people sniffling and coughing around you the last week? Yeah, me too. We all tend to get sick more around the equinoxes and solstices. Plus, here in the states we just changed to daylight savings time. Good reasons to rest up.
  4. Take a trip. Long or short, either can be invigorating for the writer’s brain. A couple days ago, I had occasion to drive out to Oregon’s wine country to meet a client who was here visiting family. I’ve been out there a million times—but its been a while. I had a blast admiring the gorgeous scenery and the adorable small town vibe of McMinnville.
  5. Dye Easter eggs. Even if you’re not the least bit religious, dying eggs can be a lot of fun. Or maybe that doesn’t catch your fancy, but what about some other creative project? Giving your brain a chance to do something creative besides writing can rev your engines.
  6. Celebrate. Sunday is Easter and you don’t have to be a believer or go to church to celebrate. The church I grew up in celebrated Easter as the coming of spring. Good enough for me. Actually, my family uses just about an excuse to celebrate. Take time to be festive.
  7. Walk in the rain. Because it’s fun.
  8. Write outside. (But not when it’s raining.) Grab a spot at a sidewalk table at your favorite café or sit in your own backyard. Bundle up if it’s still a bit cold.  A change of venue can do wonders for your writing.
  9. Hunt for four-leaf clovers. See #7.  It is also good to focus your powers of observation.
  10. Take a picnic. Pack a lunch and your laptop or tablet, head for the park or your favorite outdoor spot. Make an afternoon of it. You can combine #2, #3, #8, #9 and maybe even #7 with this suggestion!

What are your favorite ways to welcome spring? How do you incorporate them into your writing?

Photo by steven.y.

0 thoughts on “10 Ways to Welcome Spring and Rejuvenate Yourself and Your Writing

  1. Dyoung

    Welcome, warm! And sun! And outdoors! My favorite time is now through October. Freedom from the freeze!

    1. Charlotte Rains dixon

      I love it, too and I’m writing this on a gorgeous and warm sunny day. (We had a bit of rain in between there.) I’m planning to get outside and garden later!

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