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Five on Friday: Vegetable Edition

I'm looking at you, air born weeds and pollen
I’m looking at you, air born weeds and pollen

Why I look odd: It is full-on spring here, a few days early, and I’ve got the allergies to prove it–my eyes are all pink and itchy. Fifteen years ago, I got really sick with a horrible, unidentified virus that resulted in hives, and ever since then I struggle with over-active histamines.  This year even my go-to natural supplement, Antronex, is not putting a dent in the problem, and I’ve actually been taking anti-histamines.  They haven’t helped much, either. If anybody knows anything that will tame them, please do share.

Fun medical test I’m taking: Here in Portland, we’ve had a big scandal with air quality lately.  The Forest Service found abnormally high levels of heavy metal in moss, particularly around the locations of a couple of art glass companies that make their home here.  Turns out the DEQ knew about the results and didn’t bother to do anything about it for quite some time. Political brou-ha-ha ensued!  Anyway, I live near a mini heavy metal hot spot, because, wait for it, we have a bong maker nearby.   So I’m taking a urine test for heavy metal toxicity, which involves swallowing some pills, peeing into a bottle for 6 hours, and then shipping it off to the lab.  Fun times.

What I just bought: On a more cheerful note, don’t judge, but I just bought a spiralizer.  Yep, I did. Now I can make zoodles! We’re trying to eat as many vegetables as we possibly can around here and I thought spiralizing them looked like fun.  Guilt-free pasta! Check out some recipes here.zoodles

What I’m reading: The Color of Light, by Emilie Richards.  Love this book.  It is women’s fiction about a minister whose congregation gets edgy when she lets a homeless family stay in an empty apartment in the parish hall. There’s a love interest in the form a faith-questioning priest. I think it is hard to write about religion without a heavy hand, and this author does it well.  Helps that her husband is a Unitarian minister, Unitarians being the least woo-woo of the bunch.  (I should know, I grew up in the Unitarian church.)

How many scenes I have left to write in my WIP: Three.  So I better go write them.

What’s up with you these days?  Please do tell in the comments.

Dandelion photo by hberends, zoodles image from Parade.

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  1. J.D.

    Try Alaway, Zaditor, or Zyrtec eyedrops (in that order). Add a cold cloth from the fridge. Or . . . you could go to the doctor. This is the first I’ve heard of the Spiralizer. I remember gadgets from my early TV years, things that slice, dice, cube. Those cuts change the flavor of food, so it can be good. I’m reading (trapped in) Greg Isles’s Natchez Burning again. I read . . . I put it away . . . I read. Have a could weekend. I hope to spend mine putting syllables together.

    1. Charlotte Rains dixon

      Who me, go to the doctor? Not a chance. If it keeps up, I will go see my naturopath about it, though. She’s my primary care doc anyway. Hmmm…I need to read some of Greg Iles sometime, never have gotten into him. I hope you get some writing done, too! Soon as I finish my draft I’ll be all over our little project. :-)

    2. Charlotte Rains dixon

      PS–I will try your recommendations for eye drops, thanks!

  2. Dawn Montgomery

    I love my spiralizer! I have the one shown in the Amazon photo. Spaghetti is now a one pot meal for us. I put the zucchini directly into the sauce right after spiralizing – no cooking. Tip: trim the ‘noodles’ as they can become quite long. Can’t eat too many veggies!

    I needed a non-book club book, a break from DIY and good-for-you literature, so I picked up Nelson DeMille’s new one – “Radiant Angel”. (That’s code for nuclear weapon.) If you haven’t read anything by him, he writes espionage/detective and other novels. He’s funny as hell and I recommend “The Gold Coast”, my favorite of his.

    1. Charlotte Rains dixon

      Oh Dawn, I’m so glad to hear how much you like your spiralizer! Mine is supposed to come today and I am planning to make zoodles for dinner, so thanks for the tip.

      I don’t believe I’ve read Nelson DeMille so I’ll give him a try. As for reading “good-for-you literature,” I remember when Bill Clinton was running for office he and his campaign staff had a rule–one good-for-your book, alternating with a mystery. Apparently they all adored mysteries and that was their guilt-free way to read them!

  3. J.D.

    I’m not wholly familiar with Greg’s work. I really enjoy the opening of Natchez Burning. Some reviews might be in order. Maybe I’m actually reading the wrong book.

    1. Charlotte Rains dixon

      Oh God, you crack me up J.D. I do remember hearing about Natchez Burning and the title is compelling.

  4. dyoung

    I love this post! Only for the mere hilarity of how similar my life is right now. But for the metal moss, and bad air quality….(OF COURSE in Illinois…you NEVER know what kind of toxin might be right around the corner)…..I’ve been dealing with different little bothersome, which could turn more serious if not handled, health conditions lately, and have taken to doing more yoga, & meditation. This past week I’ve stepped it up two – yes, TWO notches and introduced both essential oils and juicing into my daily routine. And you guessed it, I’ve noticed some substantial improvement in said bothersome health conditions. (I’ll spare all of you the details). Also, I might comment on the fact that while I was shopping for my juicer on amazon, spiralizers were among the new fangled kitchen gadgets that came up on my search. And guess what? Yep, I WANT ONE! But as I mentioned on IG, one new fangled toy at a time, right?!

    But all kidding, and fun aside. Seriously….essential oils do work. They really really do. Let me know if you’re interested in hearing more and my girl can help you find someone in your area. I did a palm scan, and found out my top two oils that came up will help aid in solving many of my issues. Food and seasonal allergies included.

    1. Charlotte Rains dixon

      I am so happy that you are seeing such a difference in your health! That is very encouraging. And I’m intrigued with the essential oils. I do have a friend in town who sells them, but I confess I’ve not paid much attention. Your report makes me think I should!

      I used the spiralizer on Saturday night and it was great–you saw my zoodles on IG. Can’t wait to experiment more with it this week.

      So it sounds like now you’re all fixed up to write, write, write! Right?

  5. dyoung

    Do, give it a listen. It won’t take much time, and really…what do you have to lose? Maybe some watery puffy eyes, and a nose that wont stop running? I’d be fine with losing those things! Make sure they are one of the more common, reputable brands, (I suggest doTerra or Young Living) that way you know you are getting the real thing, not synthetics. I’m glad to know someone close to you is able to guide you to what might be best.
    I just went with a friend today, and she is looking to get more restful sleep (she suffers from bad insomnia), and less pain in her knees. Information she found out in her scan all lead to oils that can help with these things! It’s amazing.
    Let me know what you find out!

    1. Charlotte Rains dixon

      I sure will! I appreciate the info.

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