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Because I Know You Love Them: September Writing Prompts #4

And here you have them: the last set of writing prompts for September.  Hope you’ve enjoyed them, and stay tuned for news of the release of a writing journal of prompts soon!

–Not in this lifetime.

–If ever I should leave you….

–What are the parameters of your main character’s world? Is he an international traveler, or someone who has always stayed close to home?

–Whatever. Just don’t expect any help from me.

–When was the last time you got to say, I told you so?

–They ate pie for breakfast, brownies for lunch and cake for dinner.

–I love staying in hotels so much that I think I was raised in one in a previous life. How about you? Do you have any feelings about how you lived in a previous life?


0 thoughts on “Because I Know You Love Them: September Writing Prompts #4

  1. J.D.

    Not in this lifetime–we wondered if you were coming back lol. Thanks for the prompts. I guess that can only be followed with: If I should ever leave you. Following your advice, I wanted to read a writer who excels at examining his thought as opposed to action, action, action. I picked up Rick Bragg’s “The Prince of Frogtown.” This is the third book on members of his family, the first being “All Over but the Shouting.” I don’t know why I should be shocked that Rick can write. I’ve read pieces by him before. The guy won a Pulitzer. His sentences are so good–one after the other. They are medicine for any writer looking to improve.

    1. Charlotte Rains dixon

      Man, I have got to read Rick Bragg. I never have! Maybe I’ll go download one of his books. I’m reading a mystery that I really like. Its set in this part of the world, the Cal Claxton series by Warren Easley. Reading the first one, will go through all of them (I think there are three) eventually. I don’t read a lot of male authors, so I feel like I’m branching out!

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