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Thanksgiving Gratitude and Giveaway


On this Thanksgiving day, I’m grateful for so much, including, but not limited to:

My family and the fact most of them live close to me. (Hello, amazing, brilliant, beautiful and perfect grandchildren!)

The rain that is falling outside my window.

The sun that peeks through the clouds every so often.

My cozy house. (Hello, wonderful new bed.)

Happy Hour with good wine to drink, knitting to work on, a fire to sit by.

My wonderful friends.

The fact that I get to journey to France every September. (Hello, Paris, my favorite city in all the world!)

The fact that I’m a writer and I get to spend part of every day throwing words at the page.

You! Yes, you. I’m grateful for every one of you who reads this blog or my bi-weekly love letters to creatives, or who works with me through coaching or workshops.  And to show my gratitude, I’m giving away one copy of my new prompt journal, Just Prompt Me. To enter, leave a comment about what you’re grateful for. I’ll draw the winner’s name on Monday, November 28th.  (U.S. residents only, please.)

Here’s my all-time favorite gratitude song by the glorious Karen Drucker (and never you mind that this clip is from Father’s Day):


0 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Gratitude and Giveaway

  1. J.D.

    My immediate family is in good health. For that, I am grateful. The world’s elevator is so small today. We are crammed into the car, where we rub elbows in ways we couldn’t imagine a few years back. I’m grateful the overwhelming majority of people in the world are good. Yes, there are exceptions but I think we will work it out. My childhood world was so much better than today, but I was sheltered. That’s what parents and grandparents do: they keep you warm and safe and happy. My childhood world was not so kind to my father. I have a much easier life than he had. He worked hard, for very little, as did many of his generation. Maybe we–and we now includes everyone–can pave the way for a better world. I’m grateful for the promise of tomorrow.

    I’m grateful for books. There is a great depository somewhere in the sky. All that we read and write flows through there. We learn from it. Those books connect us. I like the John Cena commercial on loving America. Just putting aside most of the politics . . . if you take away the people, the world is just a lot empty buildings, shells. Yes, the world is small. As we rub elbows, we learn about each other. We find that we all have parents, grandparents, children. We all have hopes and aspirations. We are all in this little elevator together. I don’t see it going anywhere but up! I am grateful.

    1. Charlotte Rains dixon

      Oh J.D. I love this so much! You should expand this into an essay, it is simply beautiful.

      And–you are the lucky winner of the prompt book! Just send me your address and I’ll get it out to you ASAP.

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