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A Love Letter About, Well, Love Letters

It’s two days before Christmas, and whether you celebrate or not, odds are good you are caught up in a swirl of festivities. So, I will keep this missive simple.

I’ve been thinking about writing letters.

Recently, after my surgery, I wrote thank you notes to people who had sent me flowers or care packages, and I wrote one note to a dear friend who had a devastating diagnosis.  Nearly every person I wrote to expressed their delight at receiving a hand-written note. And I vowed to write more of them in 2019. Because for as much delight as they had in getting the note, I received more in writing it. That sounds schmaltzy, but it’s true. I was so touched at the love and support I got that I truly wanted to return it.

I also took part in Amnesty International’s Write to Right campaign, in which I wrote letters in support of unjustly detained or people otherwise in urgent need of help. (You can read more about it here.) And even though my hand was sore after all that writing, it gave me all the feels that I was helping someone in a far distant land. Those letters were love letters, too.

And then, by happenstance, I learned about a site called More Love Letters.  You can sign up to write letters to people who have requested them. Love letters. What could be better, right? Of course I am signing up to write letters in the new year!

Such thinking about letters brings to mind this letter that I write every week. So, let me tell you what I think this blog is really all about. It’s about love—love of writing, love of creativity, love of life. That’s why I call them love letters.  I feel all the feels when I write to you guys, too, even this blog comes to you electronically and not hand-written.

All of this reminds me of one simple fact: words have power. We can and must wield them wisely, with love, be it in a letter, a Christmas card, an article, blog post or novel. Words of love. Love letters, all.


Here is your prompt of the week:

I am writing this love letter because….


A very cool teleseminar! Called, Writing Into the New Year. I’m going to be sending out full information on this to all of you soon but on January 17, my dear friend Patty Bechtold  and I are doing a special expressive writing workshop.  It is called Writing Into the New Year, and it is FREE! Sign up here. 

France 2019—It is not too late to ask for a trip to France to study writing for a Christmas present. Right? We’ve posted the information for next year’s workshop! Find all the details here.  There’s a discount if you commit before the end of the year, so check it out now.

Coaching—I haven’t done a lot of it this past year, but I’m taking on a few new clients in January. I’ve already committed to several people, and don’t have a lot of room for more, so if you are interested, reply to this email and we will talk.

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And of course, don’t forget to join the Facebook group if you haven’t already.  I post lots of good links and we often have lively writerly discussions going.   

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